The slogan of Castlefest is “where fantasy becomes your reality” and oh, how true this is.

Just four years ago two guys had a dream, to start a radio station based on the music and atmosphere that we all know and love from festivals like Castlefest. To be able to spread the love and happiness that is so omnipresent at these events as far and wide as possible. Remember, love multiplies, so it can never be spread too thin! After a growth of our reach and our team, exponentially, or some might even call it explosive, this year we brought the biggest group ever of CeltCasters to Castlefest, which meant that we were able to do so many beautiful things like livestreams, but also recording video, taking amazing pictures, and as some of you may have already seen, our very own Alex was part of the presenting team of Castlefest TV! We are really blessed to have such an amazing team of people that want to share in that dream! Together we are definitely making that fantasy become our reality. Thank you so much, and as they say: GO TEAM!

However, as is usually the case in nature and life, there is balance. Light has no meaning without dark, and the turning of a leaf can create more life. And such is the way in a beautiful team like this as well. At the end of this festival it was decided that the very well known Kees Stravers will no longer be a part of the team. This decision was made in harmony and mutual agreement, as we are all convinced this is the best way for all of us to move forward.

Kees, you will always have a place in our hearts and will forever be our friend. We love you and wish you the best in all your future endeavours!

We would like to ask everyone reading this to give Kees a warm round of applause, as CeltCast would not be where it is today without him! 💚

The team and Kees

Good morning!

We are starting the last day 😢 of Castlefest 2018 !!!

We are taking a little bit of time to recover from a beautiful and emotional day yesterday at camp CeltCast.

But soon we are kicking off. It will be awesome with bands and Q&A’s

Last morning

Good morning!!

We have woken up to day 3 of Castlefest !!!

Day 2 was nothing short of epic! With bands like Sunfire , The SIDH , EMIAN PaganFolk , Prima Nocta and ThunderCrow we expected nothing less.

However the day was made more epic by all those amazing people who came up to us to chat, to give hugs and be so kind to us! You are all brilliant!!!

Here are some pictures of yesterday’s show. More will follow in the coming weeks and of course of day 3 and day 4!!

Keep an eye on the page for today’s livestreams! Or even better when you are at Castlefest, keep an eye out for our team and come over to say hello!!

Enjoy day 3 of Castlefest!!

Good morning everyone!

After the first already fantastic day at Castlefest , the camping site slowly wakes itself up with the increasing intensity of shower doors clappering over at the sanitary units. As the first rays of sun evaporate the dew on the tents, those privileged to already be here, rise and prepare themselves for today’s program over breakfast, with the festival terrain at full capacity.

On the music-menu of today are the soothing sounds of Irfan , the party that is EMIAN PaganFolk , mystical melodies by The Moon and the Nightspirit , the energy-boost of The SIDH , the beautiful voice of Gwendolyn Snowdon and the high-rising Sunfire . And that’s just before dinner! The evening will feature Sowulo , Kaunan , The Dolmen , Fiona (of FAUN ), Coppelius , Prima Nocta , Eivør and exclusively for these same people currently waking up: ThunderCrow as the closing act on the Meadow stage.

So come on over and join the party or follow us closey and enjoy those snippets of the festival that we will be able to bring to you!

Good Morning 2

Halfway through the day of Castlefest and it’s already awesome!

We had SeeD Pagan Folk , PerKelt and a Q&A with Rapalje Celtic Folk Music !!

Herewith some pictures of that!!!

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