Happy birthday Diane!

If you have ever enjoyed any of our album reviews you have enjoyed the work of our in-house linguist! You see, while Cliff writes the reviews, it is Diane that polishes them to the final gems that they are! And today we celebrate Diane’s latest circle around the sun, or as the muggles call it, her birthday!

Please join us in this celebration, and wish her all the best. Oh, and if you want, we are very open to receiving videos of you singing happy birthday to her in any language, because with her background of travelling the world we are convinced she understands all languages anyway!

“Er is er één jarig, hoera, hoera!
Dat kun je wel zien dat ben jij!”


Guess where we are right now…


Castlefest 2019 is a wrap!

Tired, exhausted and full of overwhelming experiences the CeltCast crew is returning home.

Per tradition, the festival was closed off with the fruit salad, this time with Russkaja as closing act on the Forest Stage.

It has been another fantastic festival. With CeltCast presenting the Academy, with the concerts, with the friends, with the hugs and with the love we are all in a state of happy bliss.

Now, we will sleep and enter the world of Castlefest in our dreams. Once we have slept enough we will share more pictures of this beautiful weekend.

Sweet dreams everybody! ?

(pic by Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography )

Fruit salad Russkaja

Internet connection problems

As you may have noticed the number of livestreams today is very low. Trust us, this is not because we don’t find anything worth broadcasting, or that we are just tired of sharing. The sole reason behind this is that while yesterday our internet connection was shakey at best, today it seems it has taken a day off alltogether. But don’t worry, we’re still shooting videos which we will upload in the days ahead. We won’t let you down!

Good morning!!!

We are slowly starting up day 4 of Castlefest 2019.

Yesterday was another fantastic day with Scrum , Waldkauz , Asynje , Plunder , Sunfire , Prima Nocta , the Wickerman and many more.

Here are some of the pictures from yesterday.

Pictures by Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography


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