Fantasy Forest is over!

We had an amazing weekend here at Sudeley Castle in the Cotswolds!
The music was good (which was to be expected with PerKelt , The Dolmen , Harmony Glen , Inkubus Sukkubus and Greenrose Faire ), the stalls were beautiful and the crew and volunteers were awesome!

A huge thank you to the organisation for being so kind to us. And a huge thank you to the volunteers to making us feel a true part of the team!

Check out our page for our livestream videos, here are a few pictures of the bands playing!

Good morning from an amazing Fantasy Forest at Sudeley Castle!

We had an amazing first day at this festival!
There were so many things to see and to do! It was hard to keep track of everything awesome going on!

Of course, no need to tell you that the music was great, with bands like PerKelt , Greenrose Faire , The Dolmen and Harmony Glen closing off the day with a great party!

They even had a Wickerman ritual that was so beautiful.
Check out our live stream videos to see this all again.!!

We are looking forward to another great day with lots of music and fun!

Here some pictures from yesterday! All taken by Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

Porbeagles will play live on stage at Fantasy Forest!

Davey Dodds, the master of Celtic rock’n’reel, will take to the stage, looking like a crazed druid, with his band of virtuoso musical friends and will blow your socks off with playing songs and tunes to celebrate the summer!

You may also find Davey turning up and playing solo anywhere throughout the day.

Keep in mind, this is only on Saturday!!!

We are almost ready to hit the road!!

In just 2 days we will be going to the UK for Fantasy Forest !

And we will be taking our exclusive Fantasy Forest Buttons with us! These we only share with those who we meet at this Festival!!

so if you are going to Fantasy Forest this weekend and you want to look as cute and awesome as Sander Burger (one of our most loyal fans – we love you Sander!) come over and give us a hug!! We have limited amount of buttons so you have to be quick!

The Celtcast team will be recognisable by our shirts!

Buttons Fantasy Forest

Sander Burger

We found the loop!

About a year ago Home came out, the first solo album from Rob van Barschot . A album featuring the GUDA drum, a instrument he fell in love with during the recording of ThunderCrow’s Drop It!.

It’s a lovely New Age/Jazzy album that I loved when i first heard it, and still play with just as much joy nowadays, as do the other members of the CeltCast team. But, as New Age music falls outside of the Acoustic folk format we had to decide to leave Home outside of the CeltCast radio stream, which also means it wasn;t eligible for a review on the CeltCast page.

Loving the music I did write a review and published it on my own facebook page Cliff de Booy Concert Photography and I thought that would be the end of it. But….as often happens when we at CeltCast really like something, we tend to start looking for excuses so we cán play it. We start looking for loops in our own format so we can share the music we love. Because in the end thát is why CeltCast was started, To support the bands. To give acoustic folk bands, be it traditional Celtic-, Eastern European-, Nordic-, Viking- or pagan- or fantasy folk a platform where their music can be heard.

Well we found the loop, and that loop is called Fox And Bird. A mystic pop/folk song that Rob wrote together with Tineke Ogink , member of the mystic pop/folk band Guinevere

So here it is, One year after the realise, but only two weeks before Rob-with his band Guinevere- will again be visiting the Castlefest stages, and where he will give two GUDA drum workshops. To give you a feel how that will sound, have a read, and then drop over to spotify and listen to Home. Or better yet, go over to Bandcamp and get your own copy 🙂


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