Ten albums are ready for a new start!

A lot of time is needed to fill our new radio server. All old and new music is re-processed and evaluated before being placed on the new server. Today there were ten (old and new) albums ready for a new start!

We also received a number of new songs that aren’t on a CD yet! It’s fantastic when artists want to share those gems with us! Thank you for this confidence in our station!

Names of the artists: Sowulo (new album), ESTAMPIE , Helisir , Harmony Glen , Lindsay Ritch , SeeD Pagan Folk , PerKelt , Lirio , Annwn , EMIAN • PaganFolk Music , Irregang (new material), Mojra Yvette (new material) Varend Volk (new material).

Happy Monday morning!

Another weekend has come and gone. and what an amazing weekend we had!

A part of the team visited the Autumn Moon festival, of which we will share pictures really soon. While another part went to see Irfan + Cesair in Poppodium De Peppel !

Video’s of both festivals can be seen here :

Below some pictures of Irfan and Cesair at the Poppodium de Peppel by Ruben Meuwese




We are about to go live with some happy, happy news…

Champane and glasses

The second CeltCast Classic by Cara

After a nice summer break, -admittedly a bit longer than beforehand anticipated- CeltCast’s review team is singing back in action. With a bigger team than before -more on that later in the month- and a load of lovely new albums waiting in line to be introduced. Keep an eye out for new music from Sowulo , EMIAN PaganFolk Music , Imbue , Twigs & Twine (formerly known as TWIBV), the Spanish band Vael and the German folk band Drowsy Maggie . Yep the coming months are gonna be busy. But before all that we kick off the new review season with our second CeltCast Classic: ‘Yet We Sing’ by Cara .

This album was suggested by Ilona CeltCast , or actually the band was, because after I said yes I got a huge pile with five albums to listen to :-D. It goes without saying that Ilona is a huge fan of Cara’s music, and I have to say, while working on this review I’ve become a fan too.

So here’s the link to the review telling all about this Irish folk band from Germany. Enjoy the read and enjoy their music. Until next time Cliff and the review team!



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