Foto by Bernd Sonntag at Festival Mediaval 2023

A common thread that weaves itself throughout the very fibre of what makes up CeltCast is the love for music – a love that I very much share. Looking back, my interest for the music that CeltCast plays may well have started with Nous le ferons danser by La Marmotte – my very first CD in that category which I got as a present in the early ’90s, though I had no idea what “Balfolk” was at the time…

Further steps in this particular musical journey included a five-year stay in Ireland (you simply cannot live there for several years without coming into contact with Irish music…) and the discovery of bands like Omnia and Faun in the early 2010s. In the end, these bands were one of the reasons for our family to visit Castlefest for the first time in 2012. But the music was not the main reason why we went back to Castlefest in 2013. And 2014. And 2015. And… (well, you get the picture…). The main reason for coming back was this fantastic world of fascinating, lovely, beautiful people all coming together, being themselves and creating an unequalled atmosphere – and yes, even if it is almost a cliche by now, that overwhelming feeling of “coming home”.

After that, it took me somewhat more than ten years and a pandemic to make me realise that just enjoying this was not enough – I wanted to participate, somehow. Enter CeltCast – or better: me entering CeltCast in 2023 – a place where I can combine my love for the music with supporting “the scene”. Add to that a fantastic team – and presto!

I joined initially as webmaster (something I have done for other organisations as well), but CeltCast is a very encouraging environment when it comes to trying out new stuff. By now, I’m also in the photo and video team and slowly building up experience with those media – which means that I’m not only busy behind the CeltCast-scenes, but I might also just happen to be standing in front of you (Sorry! I promise to move quickly!) at the next festival trying to get a good shot from one of the bands. Feel free to say hello!