Imbue at the Folkstage

Today CeltCast is going to join Imbue at the Folkstage in the Torenlaan Theater ! We’re looking forward to seeing you there! And perhaps we’ll make a couple of livestreams for you too…. 😉


We’ll attend the concert of M’ANAM!

SOLD OUT! But… we’re on our way to help you! Tonight we’ll attend the concert of M’ANAM – The Spirit of Irish Music at De Doelen ! We have brought our gear with us and we intend to provide you with some livestreams of what is sure to be a magical evening.
M’Anam, is of course this month’s Monthly Marker. You can hear their song ‘Bitter Wind’ five to six times a day on our radio station!


On our way to…

On our way to Celt-N-Folk XVI: The Dolmen, Sunfire & The Highland SellOuts !!! This is our first concert evening of 2019! Come and join the fun at Poppodium De Meester or check out the upcoming livestreams. 🎻🎶

Celt-N-Folk XVI

A new month with a new Monthly Marker

Once again we start a new month with a new Monthly Marker, in what seems to be the coldest part of winter yet, at least here in the Netherlands, and of course in North America. Now, there are two things one can do in this time of year. Either bring warmth into your life by turning up the music and start dancing, which is what we did in January with Aérokorda’s Cliffs of Moher. Then there is the complete opposite option…

For February we would like to look to the cold, which is such an integral part of nature. With this month’s Marker we want to acknowledge, even celebrate the Bitter Wind, which is why we were so very excited when M’ANAM approached us and offered a premiere of a song from their upcoming album. It is based on a 9th century Irish poem with that very same name! The music in this song was written by Michael McGlynn , who we all know from ANÚNA , and it features an impressive solo by Philip Barkhudarov . Special thanks to Saar SeeDling (ANÚNA, SeeD Pagan Folk , Crashing Bats ) for your intermediary role!

So let’s get outside, light a fire, and enjoy these impressive sounds together with friends and family! “Bitter is the wind tonight,
It tosses the ocean’s white hair;
I do not fear the crossing of a calm sea,
By the fierce warriors from Lothlind.”

WOW! We are growing!

We are very blessed to receive all sorts of beautiful music from all over the folk scene to play on our radio station. Of course all this music needs to have a nice home.
At CeltCast HQ, all this music is stored and lovingly treated to a work flow of sorting, digitising and uploading to our servers.
Once Ilona is done with this all, the albums receive a nice home in the music cabinets.

However, lately the old cabinet became full and some albums had no home to go to! As we all agree that one can never have enough good music, a new bigger cabinet was bought.

Once all the albums were organised and placed in their right home, we were happy to find that we now have space left!!! We have room for more music!!!

So, if you are one of those talented musicians/bands in the folk scene and have acoustic celtic, pagan, folk and/or viking music (even if it is only 1 song on an album) and want to be played by CeltCast, feel free to contact us!

CeltCast CD's


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