The most anticipated act for us

One of the most anticipated act for us at Autumn Moon Festival 2019 is Heilung .

We have seen them this year at Festival-Mediaval and cannot wait to experience this overwhelming and beautiful concert again.


CeltCast Crew Meeting!! :-D

We’re all done cooking up great new adventures, so now it’s time for take-away! ^_^

(some members attended through Skype or are taking the picture and are therefor not in it)

CC meeting

Herewith our picture report of Elfia Arcen 2019 more pictures will follow.

Good morning from another sunny morning at Elfia!!!

Enjoy the day filled with music and dance! Don’t forget to meet up with one of our team members to collect your CeltCast-Elfia badge!

For those who cannot be there in person, keep an eye on our page for livestreams!!

Elfia Arcen

Happy dancers at Elfia


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