It will be no secret that Castlefest is an international festival.

Not only do the visitors come from all over the world to enjoy these 4 days of fantasy heaven, also the bands come from the far corners of Europe.

Noticeable is a small group of bands from the Iberian Peninsula, two of which are new to Castlefest: Drusuna- Ritual Pagan Folk from Porto, Vael from Madrid and Trobar de Morte from Barcelona (previously at Castlefest in 2015). Not all are well-known bands in these regions but they will bring you a beautiful mix of pagan folk tunes.

Even if you don’t know these bands or are unfamiliar with Pagan Folk, these musicians from the south are worth checking out. We even accept another Iberian invasion in this country, and actually they are allowed to stay for 80 years if they continue making awesome music ?

Check out the Castlefest website for the details on their shows.
(Pic of Drusuna’s Sephirus Oakborn – by Andre Willemse )

Sephirus Oakborn

Castlefest brings a mix of many styles of folk music.

You have bands like The SIDH with a very modern style of folk to Sunfire with their country folky feel, to Russkaja with their polka folk madness.

One other style you will be able to enjoy is the Pagan Folk. There are quite a few bands at Castlefest playing different styles of Pagan folk, Prima Nocta with their bagpipes and drums, Waldkauz with their dance-able tunes, Cesair (do I need to say more), Vael who will give you music in honour of the Celtiberian wolf god, and so many more.

Besides listening to this music you can also up your knowledge on the pagan folk scene at the Academy!

On Friday from 16.30h you can join CeltCast’s Alex Sealgaire in the academy tent with Waldkauz , RASTABAN and Vael , to get to know more about this beautiful style of folk!

Waldkauz Rastaban

It’s like magic!

Our little badge is turning 1 year old! Last year at the summer edition of Castlefest we introduced you all to this little cutie. So who was lucky enough to have the first one?

This year it is even cuter! So, don’t forget to pick up this one in exchange for a hug or a smile.

Alex with the badge

The revelation of the festival season 2018 is returning to Castlefest!!!

Last year at Keltfest we were introduced to The SIDH from Italy. And it was a party! Everybody had a great time dancing to their combination of highly contemporary and electronic Celtic music! This party we got to redo 3 times at Castlefest 2018.

This year these friendly Italians will be returning to the Castlefest stages on the Thursday and Friday!!!

And that’s not all!!! The SIDH with also sit down on the Castlefest Academy sofa with CeltCast and let you ask them all sorts of questions!!

Check out the Castlefest website for details!!

Pics by Ruben Meuwese

Only six days until Castlefest 2019!

Have you heared the rumors?

This year the Belgians are taking over. Both La Horde and RASTABAN join forces for this unique one time show, presented as the Belga Boys & Girls Party Band!
The festive music of La Horde, combined with the tribal vibes of Rastaban will surely bring you a party to remember on the Saturday night of Castlefest.

And if that’s not enough, our Belgian friends from Prima Nocta will also perform on Saturday. Check the Castlefest schedule for full details!

Meadow Stage, Saturday August 3rd, 22:45

Pics by Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography
Edit by Rosanne van der Jagt

La horde en Rastaban


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