Live in the livingroom with Philip Xander! 🎶

Live in the livingroom with Philip Steenbergen & Erwin Tuijl!

Live in the Livingroom again!

Philip Xander – Part 1/2

Location: Folk voor het WNF 2019 (NL) – Day 1Band/Artist: Philip Steenbergen – Part 1/2—Enjoy (share) our many other videos: :-) pictures of our photography team at: in to our volunteer-run radiostation,ad-free Celtic, Folk, Pagan & Viking music: our website to read reviews & more:

Geplaatst door CeltCast op Vrijdag 27 december 2019

Of course we are hard at work getting every little part of the Fantasy Awards 19/20 organised, but we shouldn’t forget to take a moment to spend time with friends and family. And sometimes, we can combine the two! ^_^

Next Tuesday we will be joined by CeltCast’s good friend Philip Steenbergen for a whole new ‘Live in the Livingroom’ session at CeltCast HQ!

With Philip’s incredible history in the folk scene, his brand new album, (which Cliff just did a review on (see this webpage), and of course his upcoming performance at the Fantasy Awards, we’re quite sure we’ll have loads to talk about. As usual we welcome your questions too! Feel free to ask away here in the comments or in those of the livestream itself which we will be monitoring closely for that real-time interaction! 🙂

Join us online and come enjoy this little preview to the Fantasy Awards 19/20. To help you pass the time until Tuesday the 25th, here’s a video we made of Philip at Folk voor het goede doel (Folk for WWF) 2019:

CeltCast: Live in the Livingroom with Trolska Polska!

CeltCast: Live in the Livingroom with Trolska Polska !

The links, as promised: – * ROD *, yearly Danish youth folk music camp – * Dunderklumpen *, Swedish movie about trolls – * Trio Svin *, Danish speed/metal/rock/rapfolk – * Floating Sofa Quartet *, Danish/Swedish/Finnish folk music – * Pøbel *, Medieval music – * Ralsgård & Tullberg Quartet *, Swedish traditional flute music – Trollbook – * Brian Froud *, troll artist – * Kati Ran & Helisir * – Vinda

Live in the livingroom with Meidi makes Music and Hanna De Wijs – van Gorcum!


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