We have been waiting, very impatiently, for new work by Pyrolysis!

From the first public gig we saw them at, as visitors at Keltfest , untill now, this band has been charming the public with their unique awesome music.
It has been 2 years since their last album “Edges of the day” was released and since then, this band has been growing, developing and adding to their team in such a way that a new album was the only logical step.

But when would it be?

We let out a sigh of relieve when, on the 5th of May, Pyrolysis finally ended our suffering with announcing that their new album “Daylight is Fading” will be released on the 30th of June!

This release will not be at an exclusive party, nor will it be at a nicely organised concert, no, they have bigger plans! This album will be released at RosRock Festival in Rossum! Why is this big you ask? Well, Sunday the entrance is free!!!

So there is absolutely no excuse for you not to be at the show at 15.00h!
This Sunday, come to Rossum and join us for a Pyrolysis-fueled party, and don’t forget to pick up the album!


The First CeltCast Classic!!!

Clannad Irish Band . Is there one band that we play that is less in need of an introduction? All folk music lovers have heard this family of musicians perform their own style of Irish folk, or Celtic New Age music. I would venture to say we have all drifted away to the dreamy sounds of Theme From Harry’s Game. So why do we bring them up now?

As a first installment of our new series we like to call CeltCast Classics Cliff has written a very extensive review of their first three albums, Clannad (1973), Clannad 2 (1975) and Dúlamán (1976). In this review Cliff not only goes deep into the history of the band and the influences of the time, but because of the timeless aspect of their music he is also able to draw comparisons to the bands that we see at festivals nowadays.

Knowing how much time and effort our review team put into this, not only in deeply hearing and feeling the music, but with research, editing, fine tuning etc, we don’t want to give away too much of this masterpiece in a simple post, so we invite you, no, we urge you, do yourself a favour. Grab yourself a cup of tea (or something stronger), sit back in your favourite easy chair, put on some Clannad, and take this deep dive into iconic music together with us!

Find the review here



Zomerfolk 2019 is behind us, as you may have noticed. Now, we could start to look towards next years event, and trust us, we do look forward to it! But…there’s so much more! So much so, that we have to make hard choices which festivals to showcase. There was one festival however that was an easy choice, CeltCast’s first official venture into the UK: Fantasy Forest !

This is a brand new festival, organised by a very experienced group of people, and it will introduce its concept for the first time to England this year! At a gorgeous location, Sudeley Castle in The Cotswolds , they will bring amazing bands to their visitors, like Harmony Glen , PerKelt , The Dolmen and Greenrose Faire . They will organise a market filled with merchants that will cater to all fantasy wishes, and they will even host a costume competition to give people the chance to show off their amazing creations. And that isn’t even the whole of it!

In the coming time we will bring you updates on Fantasy Forest , but right now we are starting with an in depth interview. We had the honour to speak to Martin about organising a festival, about bringing something like this to an area that doesn’t have any experience with it yet. About which bands to book, and how to go about finding a location. And about so much more. If you’ve ever been to a fantasy festival, or you’ve just always been interested in what such an organisation looks like, you can find the interview and pick Martin’s brain at https://celtcast.com/fantasy-forest-interview

Enjoy the read, and hopefully we’ll see you all at this beautiful new event!

In the background…

Ilona is working hard to get all the music on our new server. Listening again to every song, checking the quality of the audio, tagging and filing.

Pretty soon we will be building new playlists and then… a re-vamped radio station will go live!!


Happy Birthday Wolfgang!

Today we celebrate the birthday of our friend and photographer Wolfgang Schmitt !

He travels to many festivals and concerts on this beautiful planet and we were lucky enough to meet up with him at last year’s Festival-Mediaval in Selb. Meanwhile, the earth has spun another lap around the sun, so we raise the glass to him again!

Many happy returns, Wolfgang!

Check out his repository of pictures at Spiegelwelten Photography !

Wolfgang Schmitt


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