Happy birthday Helen!

Some of our team you see at every festival, some are more the people behind the scenes. Our Helen is actually a bit of both!

As a part of our stream-team she helps out when we have too few hands to bring you all streams from the festivals.
However Helen’s work doesn’t stop there, this awesome lady is also responsible for keeping our website up to date and beautifully maintained!

So join us in wishing this essential member of our team a very happy and blessed birthday!!!


Review day!

It’s midweek, and for the CeltCast team, that means review day. We have a whole row of cool album’s that we can introduce to you in the coming months and we will be doing that every Wednesday. So keep your eye out for that!

We start the series with an album that is a bit older, but we only discovered last summer, just before the review team’s summer break. The band is called Drowsy Maggie and comes from Düsseldorf, Germany. The CD is called Nú Trad. I can tell you that it’s a lovely album for those who like their Irish folk with a bit of a twist and for those who like their music to be fun and cheerful.

We have another bit of news we are proud to share. With the many CDs that need reviewing the editor team became a bit too small. So we have found to lovely ladies who were willing to join the review team and try to translate Cliff’s English into proper readable English (Yes there is a difference 🙂 ) Today we can introduce one of those two new team members. Gwendolyn Snowdon welcome to the team. Thanks for giving a bit of your time to us.

And now for the result of that teamwork, here is the review of Nú Trad, by Drowsy Maggie!


Last night the team was up to something again!

So many cool stuff is coming very soon!

Right now you can still join the giveaway for our 5th anniversary, check our anniversary livestream for that!

And very very very soon you will know what kept us up and working last night!

Skyping Teammembers

A very special CeltCast week!

It is Monday again, after a very special CeltCast week! We have become a foundation and we have also been in the air for five years! On this birthday we started a ‘give away’ promotion for two beautiful albums of PerKelt and Paya Lehane Music ! Do you participate (see livestream last Thursday) and win these albums?

Last week CeltCast colleagues came home after a beautiful Autumn Moon weekend and in the meantime, others were getting ready to go to Fantasy Fest Rijswijk and Zotte Zaterdag Gouda . Of course, we collected new material there!

On the 17th October we visited the concert of Irfan and Cesair , location Poppodium de Peppel . It was a very special evening and we received two remastered albums from Irfan, of which ‘Seraphim’ is now ready for the new server (the old album will be replaced).

In addition to an older Pyrolysis album, the new album ‘Daylight is Fading’ also goes to the new server. Unfortunately this beautiful album is not in the photo, since CeltCast team members really want to have this album at home. And, with reason, since CeltCast is mentioned in the booklet! A big hug for that! 🥰

There’s also an album from Calasaig (2003) transferred to the new server, this album dates back to the time that Alex Sealgaire and I ( Ilona CeltCast ) regularly went to the theater. Our love for the folk music has grown by listening to these old albums.

Today there were thirteen (old and new) albums ready for a new start! Do you know all of them?

Names of the artists: SKRÖMTA , FAUN (2), Clannad Irish Band , Loreena McKennitt , Aelixihr , Naragonia , Calasaig , Triskilian , Irfan , Pyrolysis (2) & VIRELAI


Birthday – 5 year, with Jessica Versluis on harp!


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