Good morning from Castlefest day 3!!!

Yesterday was amazing! We had such a great time with friends and good music.
With bands like Varend Volk , Waldkauz , Euzen , Guinevere , Cesair , Vael and Trobar de Morte it was no surprise that we would get an awesome day.

Check out our livestreams to see it, here are already some pictures from yesterday.

Pics by Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

We are officially out of badges!

Alex with badges

CeltCast Academy: Q&A at Castlefest! <3



Castlefest’s first day was amazing!

With shows from bands like Harmony Glen , The SIDH , and Sunfire and a really cool Q&A with organisers from Mediaval , Middeleeuws Winschoten & Fantasy Festival , Fantasy Forest and of course Castlefest self made the day unforgettable.

Be quick, We each have only four badges left…

Alex with the badges


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