My name is Rosanne, but almost everyone calls me Roos (Rose). I’m 19 years old and the elder sister of Berit and Helen and the daughter of Alex and Ilona. I’ve actually been working for CeltCast since 2016. I usually make designs for logos and Facebook banners. Not very long ago I made the adjustment on the CeltCast official logo. CeltCast has grown a lot and therefore we wanted to remove the “community radio” text and add a new branch to the harp. Finally I changed the text “CeltCast” in the logo itself as well. I also make designs for the CeltCast merchandise like buttons, cards, banners, tablecloths and tape. I also do some photoshopping work, help with livestreams or livingroom sessions and sometimes help to make special packagings for the giveaways.

Logos Besides that I also love to photograph (Cliff helps me improve. Thanks!). I’ve got my own photography page on Facebook: Photography By Rosanne. I also love to play the piano (which I taught myself at first) and the guitar. I used to play a lot with my sister and we made music as Saam Veral. I’ve performed a few times as well.

I used to dance Ballroom and Latin and every now and then I make a painting. Nowadays I spend a lot of time on my hobby: crochet. I am even creating my own designs and patterns by now. If you’re interested in seeing some of my work, view my page: Rosanne’s Crochet Corner. I also have a kind of obsession for cute stuff. I am for example a huge fan of stuffed animals. By now I have over 80 stuffed animals in my room.

I’ve been going to festivals already for a long, long time and I still love it! Further, I like to go to an animé con every once in a while.

I hope to see you all soon!