Helen Hello everybody!
On the last day of October 2001 two music lovers (Alex and Ilona) had their third child: me. 🙂
I grew up in a loving and musical family. A family who visits a special world now and then.
The doors to this beautiful world opened for us when I was 3 years old (2004). We were on vacation and visited an open-air museum. In front of an ancient farmhouse there was a band playing, a band called Omnia. Later, in 2005, we went to the first Castlefest. We loved the music and the atmosphere at these events. We attended event after event from that moment on.

In the last quarter of 2014 my father (Alex) and Arjan launched this radio station called CeltCast. Their love for the music and the passion of wanting to help the musicians made this possible. The radio station grew and grew (and still is growing). CeltCast started to do live-streams and a lot more. This all required more effort and because of that some volunteers were needed.

I am one of these volunteers. Keeping the website up to date is my job. I started doing this because I needed to complete 30 hours of social work for school. But when I completed these 30 hours I realized that I didn’t want to stop working for CeltCast.

So, here I am, still working with love for the music and this wonderful radio station. And, since I am planning to stay, it is time I introduce myself to you all. 🙂

– Helen