Our picture report of Middeleeuws Winschoten.

A nice little walk ‘n talk across the grounds of Fantasy Forest.

A perfect ending to a perfect day…

A perfect ending to a perfect day… fire, mead, music and great company.

CeltCast is tuning out, but be sure to tune back in tomorrow for day 2 of the Fantasy Forest .

An amazing weekend at Castlefest Winter!

What an amazing weekend we had at Castlefest Winter Edition 2018 !
While the weather was very cold, the feeling of being back home, the good music, the friendships and the love of the festival kept our hearts warm.

The festival pulled us in so many different directions that at times we felt like riding a very happy rollercoaster.

In the Great Hall, there were beautiful intimate moments with acoustic sets by Imbue , EMIAN PaganFolk , Waldkauz , and Irfan .
At the Yule stage, the party was full on with bands like, Rebels of the Sacred Heart , La Horde , Flannery and Ball Noir . And of course the full out plugged in sets by Waldkauz and EMIAN PaganFolk .

The video’s of Castlefest Winter Edition you can find here:

In this album we will post the pictures our photographing team took!


Nina Green with Waldkauz
Gina Klause with Waldkauz

Tomorrow morning we will continue

It’s well passing midnight, too early for a good morning post, too late for a long post. The CeltCast team is enjoying a little bit of quiet time and a bit of time to recover from an amazing festival day … tomorrow morning we will continue.

Here are some pictures of tonight, more will follow….


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