In this section, we keep you up to date with all the things happening in the scene. Be it in the headlines where you can find breaking news, new CD releases, and all the other news regarding our scene. Or in the interview section where we place the in-depth interviews with bands, festival organizations, or other people important to the folk scene.
There is also the articles section. where you will find the background stories. We will introduce you to little known instruments and the musicians playing them; we will do studio reports; maybe we will dive into the myths and legends that are such common themes in Nordic- and pagan folk. All that sort of background info you will find in the articles.
And of course, you can find the infamous Live in the livingroom sessions here, in which our own Alex receives bands in the comfort of his living room for an informal interview session with exclusive acoustic performances and of course regular appearances of our two famous ‘best live cats’!