Wednesday Review day!

And today we have the honour to introduce Mann to you, the new CD of Faber Horbach ‘s brainchild Sowulo .

After two albums inspired by nature and the pagan festivals, Faber found his inspiration somewhere else for his third album. within himself.

he gave us an album that is intense, powerful, sometimes overwhelming but in the end beautiful. Writing this review was a journey for me as the music Faber has written isn’t ‘easy’, so I needed my time to listen to it, slowly understanding what he was saying through his music. and in the end, thát is the power of Mann. It’s a piece of musical art.

want to know more? Well here is the link

Cover picture Mann

The next voting poll for the fantasy Awards is the one for Best Big Festival!

Come over to the Fantasy Festival Site and vote !!!

The first long list is online!

The first long list for the Fantasy Awards is actually a request for advise.

We want to know which categories we should have in the Awards 2019/2020. Should there be an award the Best Festival? Or do you think we should award a nominated volunteer? Or maybe you want us to give an award to the Best Merchant/Stand?

Follow the link to our long list where you can vote for multiple categories and add the ones you feel are missing!

This long list is open until November 16th, 19:00h CET.

Alex explaining how you cast your vote

All beginnings are difficult, however, when working with Facebook gives us a whole set of additional challenges. Due to ongoing issues with Polls we have decided not to bother you with all these issues any longer.

From this moment on, voting for the long lists will happen on our website. The votes you have already cast will be added to the votes of the website, so don’t worry that your vote will get lost.

We have been working like crazy this afternoon to get it all up and running, here is Alex explaining how you cast your vote at:


After setting up the official foundation and our fifth anniversary we have some more big news to share with you. Very big news, we dare say! After having organised the Fantasy Awards 19/20 for the past four years our friends of Bastaard have decided to pass the torch, so to speak, and we are extremely honoured that CeltCast was their choice on who they thought could carry the flame best. And so it is with immense pleasure and pride that we announce that next March CeltCast will organise and host the fifth edition of these Fantasy Awards!

Now, you are probably all very interested in the details. When and where will the event be hosted? Which categories will we be able to vote on? Who will provide the entertainment? Well, all we can say for now is keep an eye on our Facebook page, the event page, and of course check out our new website, designed specifically for Fantasy Awards 19/20 at

We hope to see you all there!


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