We have a new Monthly Marker!

I think we all know by now that starting a new month also means that we have a new Monthly Marker! We use these markers not only to highlight bands and artists that we love, but we also tend to combine it with a festival that we will be attending during that month, and so it should come as no surprise that for this months Marker we looked at the bands that will play at Festival – Mediaval !

Now, there are several bands that play there that are just too far outside of our format, and even more bands that we haven’t been in contact yet, so we just don’t have their music…yet. But one band really jumped out at us, and that is Danceperados Of Ireland ! Their blend of emotional music and high energy “danceables” makes us here at CeltCast very happy, and so we are proud to announce that we chose one of their songs as our feature track this September! The song we chose, from their 2016 album ‘Life, Love and Lore of the Irish Travellers’, not only radiates happiness in its very danceable, upbeat sound, but the title of the track immediately reminded us of the feeling that we all know and live from festivals. So please enjoy ‘Session at the Campfire’ with us five to six times a day throughout the whole month, and we hope to see you all at Festival-Mediaval XII , either in person or online!

Danceperados Of Ireland

With Heilung they have one of the most popular acts!

Festival-Mediaval wouldn’t be Mediaval if they didn’t have some spectacular shows. With Heilung on Saturday they have one of the most popular acts in the scene at the moment!

The whole team is really really really excited to see this ensemble of brilliant musicians, many of which are good friends!

See you at Festival-Mediaval next week!!!

– Pics by Spiegelwelten Photography



Exactly a week from today we will arrive at Festival – Mediaval.

Last year was such an amazing experience that going back there will be a joyous experience for the whole team.

However, there is one bittersweet moment of being there. On the first night, ThunderCrow will give their last show in their current setting.

As Rob and Daphyd have explained, Rob will play his farewell show at Festival-Mediaval, after which he will continue with some awesome projects like Guinevere , while Daphyd will continue with Thundercrow with Zachary Bainter . All amazing projects that we will look forward too.

But first, we will enjoy the awesome sound of Thundercrow with Rob and Daphyd at Festival-Mediaval!


Happy birthday Andre!

As CeltCast has grown from a ‘mere’ radio station to a multi-media organisation, photography has taken up an ever-increasing part of our (social) media presence, and we are immensely proud to have such an amazing photography team! One of our latest additions to that team is André, and apart from celebrating his joining of the CeltCast family, today we also celebrate another completed lap around the sun for him! So, from everyone at CeltCast: Happy birthday Andre!!

Join us in the festivities and wish André the very best here in the comments, or send him a real or virtual birthday card 😀

(If you don’t have his contact details but you do want to send him that card, just send it to CeltCast HQ and we’ll make sure he gets it.)
– Photo courtesy of Joop Clavaux


The next evolution of this amazing festival!

Last year’s edition of Festival-Mediaval was a celebration of the first ten years. This year Blaecky and his team are looking forward into the future, as they take their “New Steps” (this year’s theme) into the next evolution of this amazing festival!

Now, what these steps will mean, one should probably ask the organisation. But during the Castlefest Academy Q&A for festival organisers that we hosted, he already gave us a hint that could help us figure out why these steps are green. You see, there he announced that he had requested of all his caterers that they provide at least one organic option each! So following that logic these “New Steps” will lead to a greener future, something that we can obviously only applaud!

And to support that initiative we chose to use that specific element in our festival logo, which also means, you guessed it: our badges for Festival-Mediaval XII will also feature this beautiful concept! So when you see us over in Selb, come get them quick, as we only have a hundred to give away, as usual!

The coming days we will share posts focussed on bands whose performance you will be able to enjoy at the festival and we will try to bring to those who really won’t be able to make it over. Come along as we take our next green steps towards Festival-Mediaval XII and we hope to see you there on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September! ?

Festival Mediaval XII logo


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