20140913-001 - Intro Arjan - thumb Hi everyone! My name is Arjan and I am proud to say that I am one of the founders of CeltCast.

From as early as I remember, and probably earlier, I have been in love with music. I have explored many types and styles, and to be honest, I tend to like some of everything and a lot of most styles. I was trained as a sound-engineer and that has had a lot of effect on the way that I listen to music. I enjoy technical difficulties, surprising twists, and depth in songs. And for that there is hardly a music scene that can hold a candle to the Celtic/Folk scene. Ever since I found this group of extraordinarily talented musicians I have hardly looked back and have immersed myself as much as I can in these wonderful sounds.

I really wanted to do something to help these musicians along, to help the entire scene. Failing horribly at playing instruments, any instruments, I quickly decided that my contribution to the world of great music would not be a musical one. So when the opportunity arose to start CeltCast I jumped at the chance and have not had a single regret since then.

I truly hope that you will enjoy the station and the bands and artists that we play.

We can make this amazing scene grow, and we can help all the artists achieve more if we all work together. And that my friends is the entire thought behind CeltCast!