Monthly Marker April 2020: Alasdair Fraser’s Fiddle World

Cover: Alasdair Fraser-Dawn Dance

🤩 New Monthly Marker!

Alasdair Fraser’s Fiddle World – Free Rein 🥰

In these trying times of quarantine and social distancing we could all use a little free rein, to let life take us where it needs to go, so we thought we would give you all some of that throughout the month of April! Alasdair Fraser’s Free Rein, taken from his 1995 album Dawn Dance, uses some very traditional but fresh sounding fiddle tunes to pick you up and get you dancing through your livingroom! 👣

Alasdair Fraser is one of the greatest carriers of the Scottish fiddle music tradition, a fiddler whose warmly expressive playing, mastery of his instrument and deep understanding of his native music as a venerable and continually evolving art is an inspiration to generations of musicians on both sides of the Atlantic. For this song in particular and the album as a whole Alasdair teamed up with a whole host of highly skilled and talented musicians, and that level of experience resonates through the entire song. 🎶

So join us this month, turn up the volume on your stereo, and come dance with us like nobody is watching to the tunes of Free Rein! The song will be played five to six times a day every day, all through April! 😍

You can find Alasdar Fraser here:

Monthly Marker March 2020: Priscilla Hernandez

Time for a new Monthly Marker and some special news!

Priscilla Herandez

It’s a new month, so once again, time for a new Monthly Marker!

(And for some special Monthly Marker news! Read to the end!)

In this month of spring, we want to celebrate the returning of vibrant life to the earth, so we went looking for a song that really reflects that feeling. And boy, did we find that in Priscilla Hernandez – Yidneth! Not only does the title of the song we chose, The Waking Of Spring, immediately conjure images of blooming flowers and singing birds, the music and lyrics will transport you to Mother Nature’s reawakening lap. Though this song was released as a single, we strongly recommend you check out her albums as well. The music is beautiful and amazing, but the artwork of the albums is out of this world!

You can find Priscilla Hernandez here:

And now for that special news!

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Monthly Marker February 2020: Vilsevind

Cover: Vilsevind-dag o natt

As the first month of the year has finished we are happily moving forward towards our Fantasy Awards 2019/20 (FB) event. One of the ways that we mark the passing of time is through our Monthly Marker, and the first of February means that it’s time to switch again!

This month, staying in Swedish sounds, we chose Tusentals Färdas by Vilsevind – Swedish Folk (FB)! This song, which starts out a capella, reminiscent of last months Häggsjön, quickly evolves to create a very joyful, danceable song, which invites you to take a journey with the band! The song is taken from Vilsenvind’s latest album “dag o natt”, of which every song has been added to our playlists, both the one we broadcast as our radio-stream as well as our Spotify playlist!

Speaking of last months marker, with our switch to the new server we encountered some technical difficulties, which led to a few days of missed Monthly Markers. Since we want to give everyone equal promotion we decided that this wasn’t fair, so we will continue playing Triakel’s Häggsjön throughout February as well, thereby giving this month a bit of a Swedish duet theme 😉

Enjoy both songs, five to six times a day, al through February!

You can find Vilsevind here:

Monthly Marker January 2020: Triakel

That means…a new Monthly Marker!

After having enjoyed ORO – Music from the wild, wild East’s Jovana Jovanke in December, we move up North to Sweden for January! Though not in any way a “happy song”, the beauty and emotion of Triakel’s Häggsjön can not be denied! The song is a true story about a tragedy in Jamtland in the middle of the Scandinavian peninsula in 1883. Though we can obviously not play the video on the radio, we do recommend you watch this at least once, as it paints a very vivid emotional picture of the story.

Häggsjön will be played five to six times a day, all through the month of January.

You can find Triakel here:

Monthly Marker December 2019: ORO

Cover: ORO-Rompi! Rompi!

These may be the darker days of the year, but that won’t stop us from shining a light on some amazing music. Last month we were honored to bring you a beautiful recording by Mojra singing a gorgeous traditional, this month we would like to introduce you all to some other friends of the station that we made over these past years, the incredible musicians of ORO – Music from the wild, wild East. Jovana, Jovanke is also a traditional, but this time one from the Macedonian region. As is so often the case with these beautiful old songs that have withstood the test of time, it is because the subject of the song is equally timeless, two young lovers separated from each other by disapproving parents. It is this emotion, unattainable love, so well known by many, that is beautifully conveyed by the talented artists of ORO. We hope you will love this song just as much as the lovers in it love each other!

You can find ORO here:


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