Monthly Marker November 2017: Gwendolyn Snowdon

Yes, it’s the first of the month again, so it is time to wave a heartfelt “see-you-later” to the wonderful “Himmelfot” by Martine Kraft. But equally as important, it’s time to announce our new Monthly Marker! And do we have something special for you this month!

Normally we choose a song that speaks to us from a new or newly acquired album. Sometimes we connect our Monthly Marker to a festival or event that we have planned that month. But sometimes we get surprised by a sneak preview of a new song, not yet released, in our inbox, and this is one of those times!

Amazing singer/songwriter and close friend of the station Gwendolyn Snowdon, whom you may also know as part of Finvarra, is currently working on her solo album, and she sent us a track that we were just blown away by! Immediately after hearing “The Quiet Land of Erin” we decided we wanted to make this our new Monthly Marker, and Gwendolyn kindly agreed to let us present it to you as a scoop! So for the the first time on the radio, playing five to six times a day throughout November, please enjoy the beautiful sounds of this song! We are certain you will feel as enriched as we did when we first heard it!

You can find Gwendolyn Snowdon here:

Monthly Marker October 2017: Martine Kraft

Cover: Martine Kraft-Huldreblot

With the end of September behind us, we say goodbye to our Monthly Marker Mix, and with it to Celtic Night Geluwe (FB). Thank you Ann, Marc, Lies, Fré, and everyone who made this wonderful festival possible. We will forever carry you in our hearts! But of course this post isn’t only about looking back, there’s a whole new month ahead!

All through October we will play the lovely Martine Kraft’s Himmelfot, from her new album “Huldreblot”, five to six times a day, every day! Though Martine’s Scandinavian background is quite clear, we are fairly certain that all lovers of Irish and Scottish jigs will love this song just as much as we do! Come join us, as we dance away October!

You can find Martine Kraft here:

Monthly Markers September 2017: Cuélebre/Emian/OMNIA

The new month has started, and so it was time to change our Monthly Marker! We thank our friends of Harmony Glen for giving us a party all through August!

This September started for us, as you have probably already seen, at the wonderful Celtic Night Geluwe (FB), and since is the last edition of this awesome festival we wanted to honour them with something special. So we decided to go with not one, not two, but three tracks of bands from their line-up, so we could share more of this festive feeling with you!

Our choices for the month are Weido Kallukko by Cuélebre, La Giga del Lupo by Emian and Etrezomp-ni Kelted by Omnia! Join us in this Celtic Pagan Party, as we will play all these tracks five to six times a day for the entire month!

Alex, Ilona, Marielle and Arjan
Cover: Cuélebre-Anaman

Cuélebre can be found here:

Cover: Emian-Khymeia

Emian can be found here:

Cover: OMNIA-Pagan Folk

OMNIA can be found here:

Monthly Marker August 2017: Harmony Glen

The calendar is ticking and…no wait…calendars don’t tick…hm, anyway, it is obviously the first day of the month again, which means that we get to announce another awesome Monthly Marker!

Starting today, and all through August, we will play Harmony Glen’s song called “Zaphod Beeblebrox” from their newest, recently released album “Start Living Today” five to six times a day, to help you all get (or stay) in that fantastically happy festival party mood! It is virtually impossible to stay still while listening to this song, so feel free to jump up and start dancing! And if you want, comment under this post with a video of you dancing, spread the joy! 😀

Want to win some honour points? Who here knows, without using Google or other search engines, where the name of the track comes from? Comment a hint without giving away the actual answer 😉

Harmony Glen

Pic by Marielle Groot Obbink @Zomerfolk

You can find Harmony Glen here:

Monthly Marker July 2017: Emian

Cover: EMIAN-Khymeia

Once again we have reached the time to change our Monthly Marker, and in this month leading up to Castlefest, we wanted a song that would get you all in the mood for this amazing festival, featuring CD releases of SeeD Pagan Folk, Ball Noir and Cesair, performances of (amongst others) Cuélebre, La Horde, Kelten zonder Grenzen, Ye Banished Privateers, The Dolmen, CORVUS CORAX, Heilung and many more, plus this year will also mark the first ever appearance of Emian at Castlefest! We are certain that you will enjoy them as much as we do! 😀

All through July you will hear Emian’s extremely festive “Rebys” five to six times a day, and if that doesn’t get you dancing we don’t know what will! ^_^

See you all in Lisse, either in person or through our live streams!

Catlefest 2017

You can find Emian here:


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