Monthly Marker September 2022: Hanna van Gorcum

Cover: Hanna van Gorcum-Whispers

Monthly Marker πŸ“€Hanna van Gorcum (NL) – The Weaver’s Song (2022)

Last May, Hanna released her debut solo album ‘Whispers’, a project she realised together with lots of familiar names in our folk scene! On Bandcamp, it is described as “Scandinavian folk meets medieval murder ballads, poetic lyrics are carried by a wealth of unusual instruments.”

At Castlefest, this beautiful album came into the hands of CeltCast. We noticed that next to the 13 tracks, it contains a booklet of twelve pages with all the lyrics, song details and lovely drawings! 😍

πŸ‘‰ Because we want to share this album with our listeners, we decided that ‘The Weaver’s song’ will be our Monthly Marker of September! Vocals for this track are by Hanna, Meidi Goh (FB) and the Student women’s choir Medusa / Studentenvrouwenkoor Medusa (FB). We will play this amazing acapella poem 5 to 6 times a day! 🀩

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

Photo by Anouk Pross Photography

You can find Hanna on:

Monthly Marker August 2022: SeeD Pagan Folk

Cover: SeeD Pagan Folk-FAE

🎢 New month, new Monthly Marker! 🎢

Castlefest is almost upon us and SeeD Pagan Folk will be there with their brand new album and a lot of mascot Seedling friends! Actually, CeltCast HQ will soon have its own Seedling to take along on our travels! So, after having already played you the full album hidden away in our playlists, we couldn’t resist to choose the song ‘Twig‘ as our new Monthly Marker. For the whole month of August, we will play this song five to six times each day! 😍

The new album will be released on the Castlefest grounds on 4th of August and we can tell you: it is out of this world! You NEED to hear it! 🀩

You can find SeeD Pagan Folk here:

Monthly Marker July 2022: Heilung

Cover: Heilung-Drif

πŸ“» New Month, New Monthly Marker! This July, we invite you to Heilung’s freshly released song Anoana! πŸͺ΅

This captivating track is the first song Heilung have shared with their audience as a precursor to the upcoming album ‘Drif’ which will be released in August of this year. Like many of you, we can’t wait for their 3rd studio album to come out, so we’ll happily help bridge the gap with Anoana. 😍

We are going to play this song five to six times each day on CeltCast Radio in July! Listen to this beautiful and powerful song and “get a touch of magic from the Dark Ages”. Watch the beautiful corresponding video on YT and read more about the background of the song there! πŸŽ₯

You can find Heilung here:

Monthly Marker June 2022: Faun

Cover: Faun album

New Monthly Marker of June! 🎢

We’re looking forward to the concert where FAUN will play the new song ‘Baldur’! The audience will dance like crazy! 🀩 This song is a praise to the sun, so… Perfect to play it five to six times a day this month on CeltCast Radio! β˜€οΈ

You can find Faun here:

Monthly Marker May 2022: Sunfire

Sunfire & Evert Muis

New Month, New Monthly Marker! πŸ’ΏπŸ“€πŸ’Ώ

Sunfire – The Hourglass ⏳

The stellar artists of Sunfire have once again composed a piece of art that will surely get stuck in your head, and for all the good reasons! Not only is the quality and energy of this song true to their style, if you let the lyrics of this particular track sink in and know that they were written in the spirit of Evert Muis, you will hear the message loud and clear: enjoy life to the max and don’t waste your time on nonsensical battles over insignificant matters, as your days here are limited and best spend making the most out of the moments you have, spending them with your loved ones. ❀️

We highly recommend you watch the video (masterfully shot by Daphyd Sense of Sens Video Creations) to see the true passion with which this philosophy is conveyed to you, the audience. Evert practiced what he preached, and in his last months with us, he founded Stichting TuTu to help others in similar situations create tangible memories, attracting literally millions with his message. We feel that this song as well as the video deserve an equally large audience because it is an awesome and surprisingly happy tune, but mostly because Satria managed to perfectly capture the core principle in the lyrics he wrote.

We will remember Evert for all he did against the odds, and having this song get stuck in our heads playing it five to six times a day for a full month, seems like the very best way to do that! πŸ’š

You can find Sunfire here:


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