Monthly Marker September 2018: Paya Lehane

Cover: Paya Lehane-Oppidamus

“Pure Paganfolk, tribal, enchanting, with a moorish feel”. Just some of the words used by our own reviewer Cliff (FB) when describing PerKelt-member Paya Lehane’s solo album Oppidamus, and to be more exact, he used these words to describe one specific song: Memento. Now, there was obviously no way that we would not use one of the songs from this amazing album as a Monthly Marker, and this description was so interesting that it immediately caught our eye. The song takes the listener on a folk journey through time and geography, and therefor is very much what we at CeltCast aspire to represent!

So all through September enjoy this track five to six times a day, and if you want something to read while listening, may we suggest Cliff’s review of Oppidamus, to be found at this link.

You can find Paya Lehane here:


Monthly Marker August 2018: The SIDH

Cover: The SIDH-Another Way To Fly

Tomorrow is the first of the month again, so it’s time to switch the Monthly Marker! And well, “switch it up” we did! 😀

Though maybe not completely fitting within the CeltCast formula you have come to know over the past years, The SIDH created such a party atmosphere at Keltfest, and we are very, very certain they will do the same at Castlefest 2018 – Official (FB), that we really wanted to use their music as our Castlefest-linked Marker.

The song we chose to play throughout August is Khan, taken from their latest album ‘Another Way to Fly’, a high-energy, high-folk content dance-floor pounder which will most definitely get everyone’s blood pumping, whether that be while listening to it on CeltCast or experiencing the whole show at the Village Stage on Friday, the Meadow Stage on Saturday or the Forrest Stage on Sunday! Come join us and let’s dance and lose our minds together to the sounds of this hypnotising track!

You can find The SIDH here:


Monthly Marker July 2018: Ganaim

Cover: Ganaim-Pu;ic House

It’s the first of the month, and we all know what that means: Time for a new Monthly Marker! Throughout June we could enjoy the sweet sounds of ‘Mure’ by Vael, but now it’s definately time to put on your dancing shoes (or take them off and dance bare-foot!) as we dance our way through summer with Ganaim – Celtic Folk Music’s ‘Danse à la Guinguette‘, taken from their latest album ‘Public House’.

This song really captures that Irish/Celtic feel as it starts off as an An Dro but during the track morphs into a beautiful up-tempo melody that calls for a Polka or maybe even a nice Tarantella. So grab your friends, lovers, children and maybe even a few strangers and join us in this summer dance as we play the song five to six times a day all throughout July!

You can find Ganaim here:

Monthly Marker June 2018: Vael


Sometimes we choose a Monthly Marker based on circumstance or timing. Sometimes it’s connected to a give away, or a festival. Sometimes we choose a song from a well established band, sometimes we get tipped by a friend. And sometimes, well, sometimes it just hits us!

At Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum (FB) (MPS) Alex was given a demo EP of a band called Vael. We had never heard of them, but when playing the disc it became clear right away that this was definately not only CeltCast material, but also a Monthly Marker waiting to happen!

The band consists of seven musicians, determined to connect the people of the world through good music! The name Vael comes from the Celtiberian God Vaélico, which is represented by a wolf. The EP is titled Mure, which is Japanese for Wolf-pack. The recurring theme of the wolf is chosen, as it is an animal with much lore, shared by almost all peoples over the world. Vael wants to use musical styles from all over the world and blend them in with their own traditional music, to create harmony between cultures.

For this Monthly Marker we chose the title track, Mure, which mixes Asian sounds with Celtiberian music, and attempts to form a bridge between these cultures. We at CeltCast hope to be able to play a part in that, by playing the song five to six times a day throughout June. Enjoy!

You can find Vael here:

Monthly Marker May 2018: Waldkauz

Cover: Wladkauz-Mythos

With all the festival joy happening all around us it’s easy to forget that today is the first day of a new month, and therefor it’s time to announce the new Monthly Marker!

For May we chose a beautiful, almost magical song, by our German friends Waldkauz, Raigan Dannsa. The song has a feel of a breath of fresh air after a rainstorm and is perfectly fit for a festival-filled spring!

Come waltz with Waldkauz and CeltCast into the sunshine, as we play this beautiful track five to six times a day throughout the month of May!

You can find Waldkauz here:



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