Monthly Marker January 2017: Sowulo

Cover: Sowulo-Sol

(Yes, we know we’re a day late, let’s just call it a New Years hangover 😉 )

First of all: Happy New Year to all of you!! We wish you all a very festive and musical 2017 and we’re honoured to play our part in that!

Now, back to “business”: We have a new Monthly Marker, you know, that song we’ll play 5 to 6 times a day, every day for a whole month! To celebrate the new year we chose a song from a brand new album, “Arvakr” from Sowulo’s recently released second CD “Sol”. This song combines the amazing musical quality we have come to know and expect from Sowulo with a very refreshing new, more danceable, festive sound that we have seen them develop over the last few years. Let’s all dance into 2017 to these brilliant tunes!


Sowulo can be found here:

Monthly Marker December 2016: Asynje

Cover: Asynje-Galdr


For December, we have chosen Hugormen by Aynje as our monthly marker. This song has been released on their album “Galdr” – and now it will be played five to six times per day during the whole month.

You can find Asynje here:

Monthly Marker November 2016: Khaligo

Cover: Khaligo-Gathering No.1 Spheres


As some, or hopefully most, of you know, we started CeltCast to spread “our” music as far and wide as possible. We do this by getting more people to listen to our collection of Celtic, Viking, Pagan and Folk music, but also by introducing those that already listen to these styles to new or formerly not very widely known bands and artists. And this month we get to do just that again!

Our new Monthly Marker, which we’ll be playing five to six times a day throughout the entire month, is a wonderful song called ‘Damhsa‘ by the young Dutch talent that goes by the name of Khaligo.

Elements of Folk and Paganfolk combine with feels of the fantasy game worlds into a song that captured us from the first time we were introduced to it by our friend Liesbeth (Elvya Dulcimer).

As you may have guessed, the inspiration for this song was ‘Pagan Polska’ by Omnia. The didgeridoo is also played by Khaligo himself, by the way. 🙂

We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do, and if you do, please go over to his Facebook page and give him a like and or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

You can find Khaligo here:

Monthly Marker October 2016: Songleikr


And that means two things…

First, it’s time for a new Monthly Marker, and this month we chose Songleikr’s Hei Skål. This newly formed formation of well known Folk heroes has recently released their first album “Godtfolk” and we at CeltCast fell in love with it from the moment we heard the first tunes!

Even people that don’t speak any Norwegian will often know one word, skål, and so it’s not a surprise that this song is a song of celebration! Which brings us to the second part…

October is also the month that CeltCast started broadcasting, on the 24th to be exact, so this month we will celebrate our second birthday! We are working on some ideas on how to celebrate with you, stand by for updates on that. If you have any ideas, they are of course also very welcome!

PS: See that beautiful lady on the right side of this picture? That’s Ingrid Galadriel, and today is also her birthday! So from all of us here at CeltCast: Gratulerer med dagen Ingrid! Skål!!!

You can find Songleikr here:

Monthly Marker September 2016: OMNIA

Cover: OMNIA-Prayer


(Yes, I know the month started yesterday. We’ve been playing the song since then, just hadn’t gotten around to making this message, sorry) 😉

All through September we will play the lovely song “Freya” from OMNIA’s freshly produced album “Prayer” five to six times a day. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do, and let your feet be guided by these amazing melodies and rhythms because with music like this we’re certain that a dance a day will keep the darkness away!

You can find OMNIA here:


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