Monthly Marker October 2021: Waldkauz

Check This Out! 💝 MONTHLY MARKER news! 🔁

Last week, the brand new album ‘Labyrinth’ of Waldkauz was our Daily Disc. Today, we can tell you that one of the songs on this album will be our new Monthly Marker! In October, we will play the song ‘Ariadnes Faden‘ five to six times a day. Ariadne is the goddess of passion! This ‘Andro’… will make you happy, will make our balfolk dancers happy, will let you dance, will let you move and will make you love our beautiful (Pagan) Folk scène even more! Beautiful people, let’s dance and make each other happy! 😍

Waldkauz wrote about this song:

This is our version of an Andro, a traditional Breton folk dance. In An Dro, the dancers hold hands and form a long chain. Like the thread of Ariadne, which led Theseus safely out of the labyrinth after killing the Minotaur.

  • Nina: Schäferpfeife
  • Alana: Hundry Gurdy
  • Niklas: Irish Bouzouki
  • Peter: Drumset, Darbuka
  • Andi: Bass
  • Dylan Kerr: Tar

👣 Tanz Tanz Tanz! 👣

You can find Waldkauz here:

Monthly Marker September 2021: Book of Tunes

Cover Book of Tunes

In January, we received an email at CeltCast HQ from Volker Armbruster, the man behind Book of Tunes. He told us about the album he released in October 2020, which features Irish and Celtic Folk music with film music elements. After some conversation, a physical copy of the album ‘New Found Trails’ was delivered and…. I instantly loved it! The tracks are all instrumental, and you can feel the ‘movies’ behind the tracks. Get ready to let yourself be enchanted by these special folk-inspired songs.

In the meantime, Volker released three other amazing singles and two Yule-tide songs. These are all magical as well! If you are not yet familiar with his work, we highly recommend that you have a listen to his songs after reading this! For the whole month of September, we are going to play the single ‘Ratatoskr’ five to six times a day on CeltCast Radio.

It is a soundtrack song just waiting for a movie to be shot for it!

More about the single ‘Ratatoskr’ on Bandcamp:

A story about the greedy squirrel Ratatoskr living in the world-tree of Yggdrasil in Norse mythology. It always searches for bigger and better fruits, bringing itself and its friend Eikpyrnir in danger.

I’m longing for the next album, and I’m sure you’ll share my opinion once you hear Volker play.

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

You can find Book of Tunes here:

Monthly Markers August 2021: Wouter en de Draak/Mette Kathrine

Covers: Wouter en de Draak-Zonnewachter & Mette Kathrine-Familiealbum


August is the month we usually find ourselves dancing barefoot on the grassy fields of festivals, enjoying the live music and great company. And although this time around, we can’t be together like we were before, that doesn’t mean we will have to do without our beloved Balfolk music. 👣

This month, two albums from different corners of Europe reached our CeltCast HQ and we simply couldn’t decide which of them we would choose the Monthly Marker from. Now since dancing is a joy for two (and often times many more), we wanted to let two beautiful tracks dance together on our airwaves 5 to 6 times a day for a full month. 😍

So please, have a ball in your living room moving your feet to Wouter en de Draak (NL) – Fireflies and Mosquitoes (Polka) and Mette Kathrine (DK) – Reel Emil (Scottish). 🤩

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast 🎻

You can find Wouter en de Draak (NL) here:

You can find Mette Kathrine (DK) here:

Monthly Marker July 2021: Linde Nijland

It is the first of July! So that means….a NEW Monthly Marker! And this one is just as beautiful as they always are!

Recently, we received the beautiful new album of Linde Nijland called: “Ten Years”. It contains 12 songs, mostly written by Linde herself. The song we have voted Monthly Marker and which we are going to play five to six times a day will be: As I Lay Here In My Silence. With the Dutch festival Castlefest in our mind, this was THE song to choose! Listen to the lyrics and you will feel the wicker send his strength.

This is not a party song. The whole album is filled with beautiful little stories as a matter of fact. They are all lovely ballads where life and nature are never far away. So, enjoy Linde’s beautifully clear voice, guitar, and compositions. The whole record is well worth it in our opinion.

The album contains a booklet with fourteen pages, including photographs, the lyrics of all the songs recorded, and sweet little drawings.

People who contributed to the album, (besides Linde herself), are: Bert Ridderbos, Gilbert Terpstra, Joost van Es and Kirsty McGee.

Album design & illustrations: Sam Chegini of Sam Pictures Productions.

Photography: Kirsty Mc Gee and Bert Ridderbos

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast 🎻

You can find Linde here:

Monthly Marker June 2021: Lůn

Cover: Lůn-Chamanes


Hello June! 🌞🌝 We may be one day late announcing this, but we actually couldn’t wait to tell the world about our new Monthly Marker!

It is… Lůn with their song Sedna! 🌊

This French (Paris) music project launched its first EP ‘Chamanes’ last February. Its eponymous title ‘Chamanes’ honours all women: it recalls sacred feminine reconnection to nature and its cycles. This album mixes neofolk, world, neoclassic and shamanic music. As CeltCast, we can assure you… it’s a truly amazing album! 😍

The song ‘Sedna’ is about the ocean’s goddess in Inuit legends. In our mind’s eye, we see a full crowd enjoying this song at one (or more) of our favourite festivals, captured by these intense sounds and lots of lights and fire… that would be sensational! 🔥

You will hear this song on our radio station five to six times a day for the whole month. Enjoy! 🤩

  • Mayline Gautié: composition, lyrics, violins, voices
  • Raphaël Verguin: cello

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast 🎻

You can find Lůn here:


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