Monthly Marker September 2015: Irfan

Cover: Irfan-The Eternal Return


And as with every new month that means it’s time for another new Monthly Marker. We have certainly enjoyed VIRELAI’s Syv Kaerester but now it’s time to head to another part of the world for some entirely different music.

All through September we will be enjoying the wonderful Bulgarian sounds of Irfan with the track “The Cave of Swimmers”, taken from their brand new album The Eternal Return! This song will be played five to six times a day for the entire month, just because we really love it and we think you will too!

We actually had the pleasure of meeting Kalin Yordanov at Castlefest right after Irfan’s guest performance with Cesair and it turns out he is as much a fan of CeltCast as we are of Irfan, so we are very happy to be able to share this amazing music!


You can find Irfan here:

Monthly Marker August 2015: Virelai

Cover: Virelai-Fra bølger og bjerge

Yes, it is that time again: a new Monthly Marker!

This time round, the Danish band “Virelai” is getting the spotlight – and we chose their song Syv Kærester from their 2011 album “Fra Bølger og bjerge” to be played five to six times per day over the next month.

Virelai can be found here:

Monthly Marker July 2015: Versengold

Cover: Versengold-Im Namen des Folkes


The calendar reminded us of a new month, so it’s time for a new Monthly Marker! We’ve certainly enjoyed Pyrolysis, and we will be hearing more of their music in the stream, but now we are moving from an Irish pub sound to a more summer-feel track. Enter: Versengold (Offiziell), with their track Ablasstanz.

Not only is it our new MM, Versengold is actually a whole new band for our stream! Be prepared to hear much more of them, but first enjoy Ablasstanz. 🙂

Versengold can be found here:

Monthly Marker June 2015: Pyrolysis

Cover: Pyrolysis-On Mountains High I Stand

First off, a new month kicks off a new Monthly Marker. After having enjoyed some extra Trolska Polska during May, June will bring us a track called “Life At Morrison’s” by a group called Pyrolysis. If you’ve never heard of them it’s because they are “up and coming”, so to speak. But we suggest you keep an eye on them as we think they are definately going places! The song itself was taken from their first full-length album which they are set to release the 26th of June. So an exclusive teaser track for you all, right here on CeltCast!

You can find Pyrolysis here:

Pyrolysis, Keltfest 2015

Picture by: Martin de Haan

Monthly Marker May 2015: Trolska Polska

Cover: Trolska Polska-Moss

With a new month also comes a new Monthly Marker:

We have enjoyed the uplifting sounds of Cara’s Take Flight all through April, but now, in the face of what we all hope will be another great season, we wanted to really start that summer vibe. And one band that always gets us in a hot ‘n happy summer mood is Trolska Polska!

Hailing from Denmark, this merry band of amazing musicians, formed by well known and award winning Danish folk hero Martin Seeberg, has been bringing their trollsound to many an event in Europe, and in doing so has brightened up many a festival!

We hope you’ll enjoy “Rumpenisserne” as much as we do, and we hope to join you in some trolldancing this summer!

You can find Trolska Polska here:


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