Getting started for Zomerfolk!

Slowly the sun is showing her beautiful smile in Groningen. The team is slowly getting started for an awesome day at Zomerfolk !

We will try to bring you as much streams and pictures from bands like Rapalje , The Highland Sell-Outs , HoppaH and many more!!!

morning day 1

Things are stirring in the North of the Netherlands…

Who would expect a whole different world in a park that’s hugging the city of Groningen? Well, we do! 😀

We are looking forward to the 6th edition of Rapalje Zomerfolk , organised of course by our friends of Rapalje , in their hometown. Good music, good beers, good friends, a world away from daily life, and a world as all of life should be!

Come join us next weekend, the 9th and 10th of June, in Stadspark Groningen ! Coming down from Keltfest while at the same time gearing up for Zomerfolk… the life of the radio people can sometime be pretty awesome. 😀

The gates to zomerfolk


Sometimes we choose a Monthly Marker based on circumstance or timing. Sometimes it’s connected to a give away, or a festival. Sometimes we choose a song from a well established band, sometimes we get tipped by a friend. And sometimes, well, sometimes it just hits us!

At Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum (MPS) Alex was given a demo EP of a band called Vael. We had never heard of them, but when playing the disc it became clear right away that this was definately not only CeltCast material, but also a Monthly Marker waiting to happen!

The band consists of seven musicians, determined to connect the people of the world through good music! The name Vael comes from the Celtiberian God Vaélico, which is represented by a wolf. The EP is titled Mure, which is Japanese for Wolf-pack. The recurring theme of the wolf is chosen, as it is an animal with much lore, shared by almost all peoples over the world. Vael wants to use musical styles from all over the world and blend them in with their own traditional music, to create harmony between cultures.

For this Monthly Marker we chose the title track, Mure, which mixes Asian sounds with Celtiberian music, and attempts to form a bridge between these cultures. We at CeltCast hope to be able to play a part in that, by playing the song five to six times a day throughout June. Enjoy!


It was an amazing keltfest!

As the team is recovering from an amazing Keltfest , our photographers are working (feet up and in the shade) to share with you snap shots of those beautiful memories that will stay with us forever.

Over the next few days we will share with you some of the pictures our team took in this album. Feel free to tag, share and react. We love to hear your thoughts.

If you want to see the real action, go to our livestream video’s! Enjoy and feel free to share our many other videos at this link . 🙂 (YouTube)

Plus, tune in to our volunteer-run radio station CeltCast, playing Celtic, Folk, Pagan and Viking music 24/7, ad-free:

The end of keltfest

And thus ends a magical edition of Keltfest , where we discovered new bands, new friends and a new terrain to party ’till we drop. Vana once again exceeded our expectations and has us looking forward to Castlefest , summer edition! But first, we’ll get to enjoy Zomerfolk in a fortnight!! 😀 Thanks to everyone who made these days happen! Keep on folkin’ in the free world! ?

packed bags


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