Something in the middle of “a bunch of merry men” and “riff raff”

Rapalje, an old Dutch word meaning something in the middle of “a bunch of merry men” and “riff raff”, is a name that really does fit this band. When on stage they always seem to have their own version of organised chaos, resulting in a performance that is very typical of Rapalje and Rapalje alone!

At Castlefest on the Thursday, Rapalje Celtic Folk Music will certainly shoot their musical fire from the stage, so get ready to have a little flame started in your heart!

Pics by Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

SeeD, the Faerie and Pagan folk band for Holland

The Faerie and Pagan folk band for Holland of this moment is, SeeD Pagan Folk . These friendly and talented musicians ( Koen , Sara , Robin and Lars ) write their own music. They draw inspiration from anything magical, including Castlefest and the fields of the Keukenhof that houses this beautiful festival.

With the songs of SeeD, you are taken into the mysterious world of the Ancient Fae, the modern world of dreams and passions in life. As these four musicians travel from festival to festival they tell the tales of the Faerie realms and make the audience dance like goblins!

All in all, there is a little awesome madness to this band that makes everybody smile, dance and feel happy. Even a bunch of crazy monks! ? So, wanna dance like a goblin as well? Want to lose yourself in the stories of the Fae with the tunes from SeeD? Want to feel happy and smile like the Cheshire Cat? Come to Castlefest! SeeD plays on Thursday and Saturday.

Pics by Cliff de Booy Concert Photography and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

Time for a new Monthly Marker!

It’s the first of the month, and we all know what that means: Time for a new Monthly Marker! Throughout June we could enjoy the sweet sounds of ‘Mure’ by Vael , but now it’s definately time to put on your dancing shoes (or take them off and dance bare-foot!) as we dance our way through summer with Ganaim – Celtic Folk Music’s ‘Danse à la Guinguette’, taken from their latest album ‘Public House’.

This song really captures that Irish/Celtic feel as it starts off as an An Dro but during the track morphs into a beautiful up-tempo melody that calls for a Polka or maybe even a nice Tarantella. So grab your friends, lovers, children and maybe even a few strangers and join us in this summer dance as we play the song five to six times a day all throughout July!


About FAUN

FAUN is one of the world’s leading bands in the fusion of old sounds, medieval, celtic and nordic folk with modern music. With their very special sound they know how to make you feel like you are standing in front of a gate between world and you’ll just dance through it. They were nominated three times for the “Echo”, (Germany’s largest music award and their albums have done really well in the German charts. Needless to say, FAUN is big in Germany. Their last two albums were found in the top 10 of the German music charts.

FAUN has done many different shows, like e.g. seated concerts for theatres and classical venues, (FAUN ACOUSTIC) but also with a powerful festival set, with big drums and a mesmerizing light show for big festivals and events. You can often find them on the MPS in Germany where they always manage to put down an awesome show. If you want to see them play live in Holland, go to Castlefest !!! They will be playing there on the Saturday!

Pics by Kees Stravers


A little moment in the spotlight for Kelten zonder Grenzen

On Saturday, when we are not bringing you livestreams from shows and festivals, we will try to give a musician or band a little moment in the spotlight.

Today’s spotlight is focused on Kelten zonder Grenzen . Full of energy and a love for music this balfolk band has a sound of its own. With two harps, a hurdy-gurdy and drums they take you into another world of dance and smiles.

Kelten zonder Grenzen, will be playing at Castlefest this August on the Saturday and the Sunday.

Kelten zonder Grenzen

Pic by Kees Stravers


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