What a way to kick off the festival season!!

Traditionally the festival season was kicked off by the Gothic & Fantasy Beurs . The market and stage programma are always the best way to get into the mood for a season full of amazing parties and events.

Not only did this weekend give us the great opportunity to catch up with friends, give hugs, buy new outfits and stock up on our Mead, it had an amazing lineup as well.

For this edition the program was almost designed to get us into the festival-mood. On Saturday we had target=”_blank”>RASTABAN , Harmony Glen and Pyrates ! throwing a party that had many people dancing!

And on Sunday they gave us Plunder , Sowulo and Rapalje . The pirates of Plunder had us dancing along for an early morning workout, while Sowulo gave us a chance to just listen to their beautiful tunes. Of course Rapalje doesn’t need explanation, it was one big party!!

Needlessly to say, the CeltCast team had a great time and we are looking forward to this season packed full of fun and good music!!

Check out the livestreams we did here .

And check out these pictures to relive these beautiful moments. Credits: Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography


After our pub live stream yesterday with The Royal Spuds it’s time to retreat to the comfort of the livingroom again, where Alex will be joined by Gwendolyn Snowdon to talk a little bit about the Calling in spring festival, and her upcoming album release there.

The live stream will start around 20:30 CET and as always, feeel free to ask all your questions either here in the comments or during the stream!

Gwendolyn Snowdon

As said we are op to some mischief!!!!

Check out this video of The Royal Spuds to see what we are up to!!

We are counting down towards our next live event!!

In two days time we will be doing a live stream with The Royal Spuds to ask them all we want to know about their new single “A man” and so much more.

However, not only are we going to ask our questions, we are also going to give you the opportunity to ask your burning questions for Maarten , Dave , Micky , Robin , Mark and Milan !!

To make this even more special Dave and Micky have something special prepared to give to the person who asks the question the Spuds liked the best.

As they are working so hard to make these special giveaways, we thought we share a little preview!!

For details on how to win this, go to the event page CeltCast live: The Royal Spuds – Q&A and check out our posts in the discussion section. You will also find a short vid on how one of these gifts was made!!

Tune in on Thursday the 8th at 20.30h to see the interview, the questions asked and some live music!!!

The Royal SpudsThe Royal Spuds


With our ever growing team of hard working volunteers CeltCast is probably the richest radiostation in the world, and we have just become a bit richer!

Charged with keeping our website up to date with for instance all our live-streamed videos, we proudly present: Helen!

Almost born into the scene, Helen is one of the daughters of Alex and Ilona , so she grew up fully immersed in the music. When she had to do social work for school, a sort of internship, she chose to dedicate that time to CeltCast and well, we’ve just never let her leave after that, so she is now an integral part of the team!

Read her story at this link .


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