It’s festival time!


Bright sun, blue sky, green fields, and birds happily singing along, this can mean only one thing:


The first festival we will be attending is Elfia Haarzuilens.

This edition’s theme is “Time & Space”, so we’re looking forward to meeting astronaut André Kuipers ànd The Doctor in his TARDIS, as well as many other wonderful creatures in these magical lands! 🙂

And of course we will be meeting up with some amazing musicians! This will actually be the first time that we will see and meet the awesome Finnish band Greenrose Faire face to face. They are a group that we consider to be part of the station’s family!

But that’s not all!
There will also be some groups there that we have not yet worked with, like Accordzéâm, Unicorn, Love Street and many more. We’ll keep you posted on them. 😉

We have received a special dispensation from the organisations that work for artist rights in the Netherlands. We are now allowed to start broadcasting concerts for one hour every week! So that means that we will also be recording some of the shows at the festival, with the cooperation of the bands and Elfia! Exciting times!!!!

So who will we be meeting in the Kingdom of Elfia on the 23rd and 24th of April? If you see any of the CeltCasters, feel free to come and say hi, we always love a good hug! 😀

Happy Valentine!

Normally we don’t really “do” holidays like that as CeltCast, but this year we did get you all a gift! For all of your entertainment and enjoyment we present you:

A BRAND NEW PLAYER on our website!!!

Check out this new lay-out:
The track and artist information and the cover art, live, while the music plays.

And a neat new trick:
Click on the album cover to go directly to the iTunes page of the artist!

Alternative player

Streema pop-up player Unfortunately our player on our website, Radio Tuna, is letting us down a bit by not showing any track or artist information. This has happened before, but was then fixed quickly. This time around however it is taking quite a lot of time, and despite our best spamming efforts we can’t seem to get an estimate as to when this function may be up and running again.

So for now, if you want to listen to our station and find all of the track and artist information, we suggest you try this link:

This will take you to the website of Streema, and directly to our stream. The website does show ads, over which we obviously have no control, but they don’t interfere with the stream.

Another good way to listen to us is of course to use their app, which also shows all the relevant information.

Please know that we are looking into other players for the site and will find another permanent solution. We apologize for the inconvenience and promise to keep you updated on our efforts to resolve this.

ONE YEAR anniversary report

ONE YEAR Did you miss the special anniversary show last Saturday?
Don’t worry! We’ve published the texts right here. Enjoy!

Review ‘EMIAN – AcquaTerra’ online!

Cover (750p) IT’S THURSDAY!
And that means it is time for another Thursday Theatre, as promised!

This time our light shines on an amazing Italian Paganfolk band that is gaining a lot of momentum throughout Europe. We’re talking of course about EMIAN, the four person band that last weekend even came as far north as Belgium, when they played at the fantastic Celtic Night Geluwe.

We have for you a review of their first album, AcquaTerra, which was released in 2014. Lots of harp, lots of good honest musical excellence, and an obvious Omnia influence, making it especially interesting for fans of that particular Dutch pagan band.

Read the entire review here!

Listen now!

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