Happy birthday… to us!! :-D + Give-Away!

Four years ago today, CeltCast went live for the first time and tonight we celebrate with some music, cake (or was it pie? 🙂 ) and a 4-part Give-Away:
Pyrolysis – Edges of the Day
Cesair – Omphalos
Irfan – The Eternal Return
Harmony Glen – Start Living Today

Tell us in the comments below how you got to know of CeltCast and then tag a friend who should get to know about us. Two weeks from now on November 7th at 18:00h CET, this competition will end after which we’ll draw a lucky winner of this 4-part give-away.

Jyoti Verhoeff at Soefitempel ‘Universel Murad Hassil’ Katwijk (NL) A very special place! ♡

A Light

The tent


Last weekend while a few of us were attentending Fantasy Fest RijswijkWaldkauz celebrated their 5th anniversary!
They threw a big party with SeeD Pagan Folk and Brisinga . Those who were there informed us that it was an amazing evening and the bands were in fine shape! Which made us, very jealous and sad that we weren’t able to make the journey.
Still, we wish Waldkauz a very happy birthday, we are sure you celebrated in style! And we wish you many more amazing music filled years!

With love,
The CeltCast Crew

Pics by Cliff de Booy Concert Photography and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

Looking back on a beautiful year already

Looking back on a beautiful year already, it is hard to pick one specific moment of joy in the timeline of CeltCast. But at least to everyone of us there Festival-Mediaval was an amazing experience, one that we look back on with a very warm heart, and one that we certainly hope to repeat next year! So in order to celebrate that wonderful event, we hope you’ll enjoy a little “slideshow of atmosphere”!


Remember when we told you about that team meeting we had the other day? Well, that was in large part because our team keeps growing, and because of this we would love to introduce our new CeltCast Crew member, Linda !

Being an avid fan of the Fantasy / Folk scene, as well as a familiar face in the Balfolk crowd, we met Linda quite often at various events throughout the Netherlands. Her sweet smile and happy personality made every encounter a joy, and so when she told us that she would love to help CeltCast, and that she enjoys bookkeeping, there was no doubt that we would welcome her into the family!

Read all about her backstory and passions in her bio on our website, https://www.celtcast.com/linda and join us in welcoming her by leaving her a little message here! 😀

picture by Lilith Vanderstorme of Darkashter by Lilith Vanderstorme


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