Fun with The Royal Spuds at Azotod de Meern!

The Royal Spuds

The Royal Spuds! Jyoti Verhoeff! ♡

Jyoti Verhoeff

The Royal Spuds


Yes, it’s the first of the month again, so it is time to wave a heartfelt “see-you-later” to the wonderful “Himmelfot” by Martine Kraft . But equally as important, it’s time to announce our new Monthly Marker! And do we have something special for you this month!

Normally we choose a song that speaks to us from a new or newly aquired album. Sometimes we connect our Monthly Marker to a festival or event that we have planned that month. But sometimes we get surprised by a sneek preview of a new song, not yet released, in our inbox, and this is one of those times!

Amazing singer/songwriter and close friend of the station Gwendolyn Snowdon , whom you may also know as part of Finvarra , is currently working on her solo album, and she sent us a track that we were just blown away by! Immediately after hearing “The Quiet Land of Erin” we decided we wanted to make this our new Monthly Marker, and Gwendolyn kindly agreed to let us present it to you as a scoop! So for the the first time on the radio, playing five to six times a day throughout November, please enjoy the beautiful sounds of this song! We are certain you will feel as enriched as we did when we first heard it!

Gwendolyn Snowdon

-Pic by Wen Versteeg Fotografie


It is time to publish our next review and this time it is of Helisir ‘s latest and last album “SPIN”! With “SPIN” Jacqueline concludes the trilogy of what is and was “Helisir”. In this review Cliff showcases the journey it has been, goes deep into the music of the album and into the feelings it creates. Comparisons are drawn between Jacqueline and artists both from the Folk scene and beyond, which combined with multi-lingual lyrics show the versatility of the artist!

But we’re not going to keep you here on Facebook any longer! Put on the album, grab yourself some tea or mead, and go to this link to find out more!

– Picture courtesy of Kees Stravers


Three years of CeltCast, thank you all!

But though our live video only shows Alex and Arjan , there are many more who have played a part in us reaching this joyous occasion!

We also want to take this moment to thank everyone that has played a part, or still is a part, of making this community as awesome as it is!

Thank you Bob , Lena , Kees , Iris , Marielle , Ilona , Cliff , Wendy , Helen , Tycho , Berit , and of course all of you who make it all worth while!


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