Cliff’s review of… ‘Datura – Gratus et Optatus’ is online!

At CeltCast we do not only follow the Pagan / fantasy folk scene and their festivals. We also like to go to Viking markets, Balfolk nights, medieval gatherings and even ‘normal’ festivals if they happen to be interesting. 😉 It was in the medieval scene were we found the band Datura medieval music . Since their origins in 2006 they have been making quite a name for themselves. Giving wonderful performances at many medieval gatherings or demonstrations. In 2012 Lies , Ces , Tom and Nynke released the album ‘Alpha et Omega’, followed in 2016 by ‘Gratus et Optatus’.

With Castlefest announcing that Datura will perform on the Medieval Field (Datura | Castlefest 2018) , we felt it was high time to introduce this band of lovely talented people to the whole folk world. Welcome in the medieval world of Datura’s ‘Gratus et Optatus’!

You can find the review here .

Just 3 more weeks until EMIAN PaganFolk is back at Castlefest!

Just 3 more weeks until EMIAN PaganFolk is back at Castlefest ! Last year was their first time at the festival and we can safely say it was a great success!

These crazy Italians had Castlefest dancing, literally! All three shows there were so many people dancing that it was almost impossible not to join in. Their music really does give a chance for the balfolk dancers to go wild. And they did just that! It was special to see the Castlefestians embrace this “new” band with open arms. It was clear that the musicians, Anna , Emilio , Danilo and Martino , were a little overwhelmed by the love and enthusiasm they received.

And it wasn’t only the band who were ‘slightly’ impressed by this all. This success and the joy of this first time Castlefest for such a good friends had our very own co-founder cry happy tears! (you can take a guess who it was ?)

Needless to say, we are looking forward to seeing our friends again, receive long overdue hugs, to listen to beautiful pagan music, and just go dance and be happy! Are you coming and join us? EMIAN is playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

pics by Kees and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

Do you know the band Irfan?

Do you know the band Irfan ? No? Then, we advise you to go and listen to them as soon as possible!

Irfan’s music brings you an original electro-acoustic World Fusion influenced by the sacred and folk music traditions of the Balkans, Anatolia, Persia, the Middle East, North Africa and India, as well as by the musical and spiritual heritage of Byzantium, Medieval Europe and the Ancient Mediterranean. Listening to this band will take you on a trip through time and mystic countries so you can dream, move your feet, belly dancing and smile.

And here is a little secret! Not only their music is amazing! The musicians themselves are pretty awesome and very sweet as well. Not to mention, very talented. Their collection of instruments they bring to the stage is impressive and apparently all are needed to make their uniquely beautiful sound.

Come to Castlefest (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to experience this for yourself. Irfan will be on stage these three days so there is no reason on missing out.

It is insane how fast this band is going.

It is insane how fast this band is going. It was just the first half of 2017 when Sunfire played their first live shows. Now, a year later they play at so many festivals in Holland and internationally that you just cannot go to a festival without seeing this awesome band on stage.

With their mix of americana, blues, roots and fiddle folk, Sunfire’s Satria , Berend , Sophie , and Michel are putting down a solid sound of Western folk. The tunes are catchy and stick in your heard forever while the energy on stage will make you want to party. A deathly combination for every music lover in the world. You’ll get addicted.

Normally, watching a band like this should come with a warning: “Be aware, you’ll be likely to dance, sing along and you won’t get it out of your head!” However, right now, all we can say is, come to see Sunfire live!!!

Sunfire is playing tonight at the Zeeheldenfestival in The Hague, but that’s only one show. After you have seen them there, you can come to Castlefest and see them on the Friday and Saturday again!

Pics by Cliff de Booy Concert Photography , Kees Stravers and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

We are taking a step back to the year 2016, Perkelt at Castlefest

This throwback Thursday we are taking a step back to the year 2016 when PerKelt played at Castlefest for the first time. Perkelt plays Celtic Medieval Speed Folk. And when they say “Speed” they mean fast, really fast!!! It is impressive. The energy this band shows is almost unrivalled.

Besides being awesome musicians they are also very sweet and so kind! From the big smiling David , the humbly laughing Štěpán to the ever lovely Paya , it is clear that they really enjoy being on stage and at festivals.

It is really awesome to see them back again this year at Castlefest. Come dance with us to their tunes on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Pics by Kees Stravers


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