The solution for Apple users!

As promised we have been working hard on finding a solution for Apple users, so that you all can continue to listen to our stream. We have now added a new player to our website, a so called “Basic HTML5 Player”, which should work on iPad and iPhone. 🙂

If you are using either of these devices, please try the new player and let us know if it works and what you think about it. Please include the device type, iOS version and method of listening (i.e. browser type and version). Any and all feedback is helpful and welcome! (y)

The solution


Dear friends and followers. Recently we have been receiving more and more worrying messages from Apple users all over the world that they are experiencing problems listening to our stream. We have been looking into this, and though we don’t have the ultimate solution yet we do have a temporary work-around so that you can keep enjoying the music!

For iPhones the best option is to install (the latest version of) TuneIn. This should work without issues. For computers the problem seems to be in the Safari browser. Downloading and installing Chrome and visiting our website through this browser should also have the lovely sounds of all of our favourite bands flowing through your speakers in no time!

In the mean time we are definately working on a better solution! We’ll let you know if anything changes.

The start of EMIAN PaganFolk! :-D

Today in the Northern Hemisphere is the day of the winter solstice, also known as Yule. From tonight on the days will get longer as the nights get shorter. In all of history this was celebrated as the return of the light! And six years ago the date received another reason to celebrate! This was the start of EMIAN PaganFolk ! 😀

Now a well known and much loved addition to the (Pagan)Folk scene, they currently have two albums out. And as a Yule gift to all of you, our very own Cliff has written a beautiful review of the latest one, Khymeia.

You can find his thoughts and feelings at this link !

Enjoy, and spread the love! ?

Happy Holidays!

With most of the winter festivals now behind us it is time to retreat to our homes, snuggle up on the sofa with some sheepskins or a blanket, a hot toddy, glühwein or mulled mead, and spend what’s left of the year with friends and family. Call it “hygge”, “gezellig” or just plain old “cozy”, everyone here knows what we mean. 😉

We here at CeltCast wish you all a warm and fuzzy holiday season, and we will gladly help you fill it with the sounds of the artists we have all come to love! We will even brave the cold winter a few more times before the end of the year to bring you some more live streams! Who knows whom of you will be just as brazen… More hugs for you! 😀

Happy Holidays!

Have a music-filled Yule season

Celebrated life and music at the Midwinter Fair Archeon and at Otava yo

These last days we celebrated life and music at the Midwinter Fair Archeon and at Otava yo (Отава ё) ‘s gig at the Melkweg. During these days, Holland was truly taken over by winter. Snow is falling, the wind is cold and the skies dark.

However, during our time at the Midwinter fair, we were warmed by music, many friends, and lots of fun. We tried to give you as much music as possible. We streamed Sunfire , Pyrolysis , Kelten zonder Grenzen , Trolska Polska , Sassenachs , Fiddle ‘n Drum and of course Rapalje .

Despite the snowfall and warning of slippery roads, our amazing Alex decided that after spending the whole day at the Midwinter Fair, it was going to be worth the difficult drive to Amsterdam to see Otava Yo – Melkweg Amsterdam on Sunday evening. Of which he provided us with some great live streams!! Apparently they blew off the roof!!

To watch and share our video’s follow this link !

Currently the whole team is recovering from an amazing weekend and preparing for all the beautiful things that are going to come our way soon. Keep an eye out for news on this all!!

Below we share some pictures taken on the Saturday of the Midwinter fair to relive those happy moments.

Our new player

Basic HTML5 player

(should work on iPhone & iPad)

For other player options, please go to our
Player page and find your preferable way to listen in.

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