Interview with Mark van der Stelt (1/3)

Mark At Keltfest 2015 we had a very open and heartfelt talk with none other than Mark van der Stelt, one of the driving forces behind Castlefest and everything Vana-related!

On this rainy but beautiful festival day we talked for almost 45 minutes about the festival scene, how Castlefest and other festivals came to light. We talked about the importance of music and creativity, and of course about the future!

Because Mark was so kind to take a lot of time for us we had to cut the interview into three parts, of which the first part is released today! Mind you, it’s audio only, though you can find the written text on our site. 🙂

And of course, stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 🙂

Kees’ special bio!

CeltCast is very pleased to announce that we have another addition to the team!
Kees (intro) If you haven’t seen the man himself, we’re sure you have at least seen his work.

Ladies and gentlemen, our very own photographer,
also known as photographer of the stars:

Kees Stravers!

We have been using a lot of Kees’ pictures for reports and cover photo’s, and he is a very familiar face at festivals throughout the Netherlands and Germany. He is close to Omnia, and had recently released some amazing shoots of FAUN and Wardruna, among many many more.

We would suggest that you go and follow him on Facebook to stay up to date, and if you want to know all about how Kees came to be, do read his bio.

Welcome Lena!!

Remember when we asked you if you would like to contribute to CeltCast? Well, we have received an offer from our lovely community that we couldn’t resist!

20150602-001 - Intro Lena (750p) As of today Lena Seegel, whom some of you may already know from Miroque / Miroquesen auf Tour, is part of the CeltCast team as a reporter!

We are very happy about this and would like to extend a very warm welcome to Lena! If you don’t know her yet we invite you to check out her bio here.

Random Reel Report

Random Reel This week we once again added new music to the stream. Some albums had to come from lands far beyond our horizon, travelling from hand to hand through what we refer to as our Community.

Here’s the story of how the wonderful music of Random Reel reached our shores:

From Russia with Reels – Frauke

Philip Xander contributes!

Bridge - Philip (750p, crop) We have another new addition to our CeltCast team! 🙂
Starting today Philip Xander, formerly of Omnia and now of course of L.E.A.F., will occasionally contribute reports and reviews for your reading entertainment.

And to to start things off nicely, his first text is a report of his musical year 2014, that reviews several albums that were released in 2014, and a look ahead to what 2015 will bring:
Highlights of 2014 and a glimpse of 2015


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