Interview with Pyrolysis online

Backdrop (750p) Remember that we said we had done some interviews at Keltfest? We have of course already released our interview with Mark van der Stelt, but there was one more.

We had a nice chat with the guys of Pyrolysis about all sorts of topics. How their musical careers started, about hopes and dreams, and their upcoming performances at for instance Castlefest. Check out the interview Interview with Pyrolysis. Also, don’t forget to enter in our Pyrolysis Give-Away in order to win a signed copy of their upcoming album On Mountains High I Stand!

Enter: Iris!

20150613-001 - Intro Iris Lately we have been introducing new members of the CeltCast team. Well, we have one more introduction for you!

Enter: Iris Snel!

We’ve noticed at festivals and concerts that some bands have amazing merchandise to sell, but no one to help them sell it. They have to quickly talk to people while clearing the stage for the next band and therefore can’t really give anything or anyone the time they deserve. That’s where Iris comes in. As our merchbabe she will focus on helping bands sell their merchandise so that the bands can do what bands do. Interact with fans. 🙂

Head on over to her bio page to find out who Iris is and why she does what she does, and if you’re a band or artist and would like her help, give us a heads up!

Pyrolysis Give-Away!

onmountainshighistand_cover Yay to having more goodies to give away! What do we have for you this time? A brand spanking new, not yet released, first full length album of our friends of Pyrolysis, and it’s even autographed for you!

Interview with Mark van der Stelt (3/3)

Mark After yesterday’s revelation we now bring you the third and final chapter of our Keltfest​ interview with Mark van der Stelt.

In this last part we talk some more about the future of Castlefest and other festivals and about the feel of the atmosphere. We talk about fantasy and historical TV shows and all things medieval. We hear how the wicker burning, an idea originally brought to Castlefest by Steve Sic (Omnia), has grown and has become an integral part of the festival and about the story behind the stage diving fruit. Of course the very talented Fieke van den Hurk (Orchus studio) is mentioned because of all her work for Castlefest and we end with some advice for people who have never been to Castlefest. Guess what that advice could be 😉

As said before, because of the length of the interview we cut it into three parts of which this is the third part. It’s audio only, but you can find the written text below the video 🙂

Interview with Mark van der Stelt (2/3)

Mark And now for part 2 of our Keltfest​ interview with Mark van der Stelt, wherein he reveals BIG news about… well, have a listen! 😉

On this rainy but beautiful festival day we had a very open and heartfelt talk with none other than Mark van der Stelt, one of the driving forces behind Castlefest and everything Vana Events-related!

On this rainy but beautiful festival day we talked for almost 45 minutes about the festival scene, how Castlefest and other festivals came to light. We talked about the importance of music and creativity, and of course about the future!

Because Mark was so kind to take a lot of time for us we had to cut the interview into three parts, of which the second part is released today! Mind you, it’s audio only, though you can find the written text on our site. 🙂

And of course, stay tuned for part 3 🙂


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