Review of ‘Elvya – Untold Stories’

Cover (750p) We’ve been seeing lots of posts the past few months about Elvya Dulcimer‘s upcoming album, and now, shortly before the album release, we were able to do a review on one of 2015’s most amazing albums, mainly recorded and mixed at Orchus Studio, all by the talented Fieke van den Hurk.

Review ‘SeeD – Portal to Elfland’ online

Cover (750p) Once more we got a chance to review an album before it’s released, and this time we have had the honour of listening to Portal to Elfland, the first full length album of the Dutch Paganfolk band SeeD. We’ve also asked Koen van Egmond, the band’s lead singer and flautist, to give you some background stories to the tracks.
The band has a strong connection to nature and myth, which resonates through the entire album, just like for instance Omnia, and it is therefore not a surprise to hear strong “early Omnia” influences in their music.

Read all about the wonderful mythology behind the songs that read like fairytales. Get a glimpse into the minds of bands creating new music, and see if you can connect with the thoughts and emotions that this album invokes!

Review ‘Die Irrlichter’ by Lena

Zaubergarten_Cover-1 It’s Thursday again! πŸ™‚

And that, of course, means that it’s time for another Thursday Theatre. Our brightest spotlights this week are aimed at ‘Die Irrlichter’, as our lovely Lena has made a review of their latest album ‘Zaubergarten’.

Read all about Lena’s thoughts on the dreamy atmosphere this album creates. About the danceable tracks and the easy listening songs. About their fresh new songs and fresh new versions of some lovely traditionals.

Let Lena take you a journey into the world of ‘Die Irrlichter’! πŸ™‚


Kees - GKW_6972 (750p) Here at CeltCast we like doing what we do. We like the fact that we can be there for the bands and artists, and that we can bring new music to folk lovers everywhere.

One of the ways in which a radio station like CeltCast can see if it is appreciated, other than by talking to all of our listeners, is by looking at statistics. Numbers are usually very boring to study, but sometimes you do get to see a little milestone.

And now we have reached one of those: closing in on Castlefest we have hit the 1.000 likes mark on our Facebook page!

We never thought it would happen this fast! Thank you all for your amazing support, we feel honoured!

Feel free to help us grow further by sharing our station with your friends! πŸ™‚

– The wonderful celebratory “light-works picture” is by Kees Stravers

Waldkauz interviewed by Lena

Cover Our reporter Lena had a chance to meet up with Niklas Steffen from this new German Paganfolk band. They had a nice chat about Waldkauz’ first album, and how they feel about the music they create. Of course comparisons are made with bands like Omnia and Faun, but they also discussed what it is that sets them apart. Waldkauz has already played some smaller and medium sized venues and events, but this year they even play(ed) on two MPS events! Last but not least Lenas tried to get a nice little scoop from them. Did she get it? Check it out for yourself! πŸ™‚


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