Kees returns to Maya

Another report from Kees Stravers! 🙂
20141228-002 Maya & Roger
Yesterday he returned to Maya Fridman to attend a truly Magical Winter Concert with intuitive pianist Roger Spees and, of course, Maya on cello.

Read all about how Maya and Roger even got the ‘photographer of the stars’ to lay down his camera and sit back and enjoy their music!

It may not be the music you have come to expect from CeltCast, but this performance was done using a very interesting concept, so we nevertheless really wanted to share this report with you.

Yuletide interview with Kaat of L.E.A.F.

LEAF CD cover design We had a lovely interview with our good friend Kati Ran of L.E.A.F. Read all about their new album, their plans for the new year and of course about the teaser, the track that we will be playing in our stream, starting the 1st of January!

You can find the interview on our interview-page
And check out that exclusive preview of their new album cover! 🙂 ==>

Introducing: Kees

Kees (intro) To all those who frequent the Dutch and/or German festival scene he’s certainly a familiar face. The black hat, with goggles of course, the grey beard, and let’s not forget, the big black camera bag! We’re obviously talking about Kees Stravers, the photographer of the stars.

Kees has been a fan of CeltCast from the start, and that feeling is certainly mutual. So when Kees contacted us, saying that he would like to contribute some of his work occasionally, we were very excited!

Being not only very good with a camera but also amazing with words, Kees will support CeltCast by providing images as well as reports from the various events he visits!

We are very happy to get such positive feedback and great contributions and we would like to extend a very heartfelt “welcome aboard” to Kees!

Kees’ first contribution is a wonderful report on a concert by the talented Maya Fridman:

*Picture by

Midwinter Fair tickets to be won!

MWF omslag
On the 6th and 7th of December the twelfth edition of the Midwinter Fair will take place at the Archeon theme park in Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands. Archeon is an outdoor history museum covering the time period from prehistory, through Roman times up to the middle ages.

The theme of this year’s Midwinter Fair is Vikings. Blacksmiths, open fire, story telling and even a pagan wedding chapel! Dress up in your favorite viking attire and come join us!

Don’t have any tickets? Well, that’s where the competition comes in. 🙂
The organization have kindly donated two weekend tickets (entry for both days) for CeltCast to give away.
Check out the competition page to find out what you need to do win!

FaerieCon report

FaerieCon Old friend of the Folk scene, and of CeltCast, Miles Batty went to FaerieCon East last weekend and wrote a great review!

If you want to read all about SJ Tucker‘s performance, how Miles literally bumped into Steve of Omnia during FAUN‘s enchanting show, the overflowing enthusiasm the next day, when so many people wanted to see the Woodland and Omnia shows that they exceeded the maximum capacity of the ballroom, then go to our

Reports page.
Find out what happened after the shows, when Miles met more of CeltCast’s friends like Micheál Ó Laoghaire and Christen Marie of Ravengrove Radio. How FaerieCon Saturday ended in a hotel room after-party with Steve and Jenny, Rob and Daphyd, Satrya and Emilio, Stephan and Oliver. And how Woodland provided an wonderful end to the FaerieCon experience for Miles with an acoustic set, before slipping away into a deep… deep sleep…

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