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Towarb – Unserland (2020)

Last month, we received a message from this band from the Alsace in France. In October, they released their first EP, Unserland, with four beautiful pieces of music. The songs are inspired by regional history and its oldest legends. As soon as you start listening you are in a distant and ancient world. Low voices, dark tones, historical instruments, and primal forces can be felt immediately. This EP is a good start. If you love Sowulo, Heilung, Munknorr and Wardruna it’s a good possibility you like Towarb too. We at CeltCast are looking forward to hearing more of this band! And, maybe on stage in the near future?
and My favourite song on Unserland? That is: Sterne.

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

You can find Towarb on:
Facebook: Towarb
Bandcamp: Towarbensemble
YouTube: Towarb

Daily Disc
Scurra – Scurra (2020)

Recently, we received the beautiful debut album of the French band Scurra! It’s funny how new music is reaching us because of “social media”. Last month, our Cliff wrote a review about the debut album of Le Garçon de l’Automne. The man behind that album connected Scurra with us. So… thank you Quentin!

Scurra, which means beautiful spirit in Latin, is a troupe of five minstrels who perform festive music of medieval inspiration. They are using instruments like the violin, flute, guitar, bodhràn, tambourine, and drums.
The album contains eleven songs. Except for the intro, we are going to play all of their songs. This album has an amazing booklet, as you can see in the photo! It’s a beauty for medieval folk collectors. The lyrics are in the French language and you can find them in the booklet too. My favourite songs are: La mort des Hommes (the death of men) and La Geste de Fergus (Fergus’s gesture). I hope you’ll enjoy these songs as much as I do. It would be fantastic to see them perform those live at one of the festivals we hope to return to!
For more information, please check out their pages!
Their website: scurra
Facebook: scurra.folkmedieval
YouTube: Scurra Band

The Daily Disc
Introducing Vaev

The Daily Disc today is Vaev by Vaev (2020)
The band members of this band from Denmark are well-known names in our scene: Poul Lendal and David Mondrup (Mallebrok). In four songs you will hear Mia Guldhammer (VIRELAI/Mallebrok) as well!
This album was a nice surprise in our mailbox, I have to say! Because of the electronic sounds, part of the songs are classified as “charged”, you will find those in our Spotify CeltCast Radio – Charged list! The other tracks we started to play on CeltCast Radio itself.
The songs are interpretations of traditional Danish folk tunes. If you love Trolska Polska, SKRÖMTA and Virelai songs AND you love a bit more power in acoustic music, then you definitely should listen to this party. The album contains a booklet with 14 funny pages. You will find lyrics and drawings in it. This album is very suitable for Balfolk dancing! My favourite song is: Lejerdrengen, Engelsholm.
Thank you Go Danish Folk Music for sending in this absolute gem!

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

The Daily Disc
Trobar de Morte – The Book of shadows (2020)

Recently, we received the new album of Trobar de Morte, the Medieval, Folk and Fantasy band from Barcelona, Spain. The Book Of Shadows came in a beautiful package, a real present! The artwork of the album is as always stunning! It contains a booklet with 10 pages full of photos, drawings, and lyrics.
Most of the songs are composed by Lady Morte herself. A couple of songs are by Daimoniel B. Eldar. The song Helvegen is a cover of the original song by Einar Selvik (Wardruna). The artwork is made by ArtDrómeda Photography and Duncan Triskel.
Last Sunday, you might have heard the first song of this album play on our radio stream. You can find the whole album already on our Spotify CeltCast Radio – Official list.
My favourite song of this album is Witches! I love the diversity of sounds in that tune! It makes me think of the songs of EMIAN. So enjoy this new Trobar de Morte album as we do!

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

The Daily Disc
The Carrots – Driftwood (2020)

A couple of years ago, we met the band Half a Mile on the Dutch festival Keltfest. That was the only time I got to see them perform because the band decided to stop their activities…, but…, on the 5th of December CeltCast HQ received a present in the physical mailbox! The timing was perfect because in Holland this is ‘Sinterklaas dag’ (Saint Nicholas day). On that day children give a carrot to the horse of ‘Sinterklaas’ and hope the old man will, in return, give them some nice presents! Well, we received The Carrots that day and that was a fantastic surprise!
This album contains five beautiful acoustic folk-rock songs and comes with a booklet with the lyrics. Their music is a mix of folk-, world music, and Americana. The theme of the album is very fitting in these turbulent times: going with the flow, struggling with the period we’re in and accepting changes.
My favourite songs on this album are Everything Flows and Train of Thought. I can listen to that one over and over again…, and well…, actually the whole album is sending the right vibes. So, go to their page and welcome this new band in our scene!

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast


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