From the first moment CeltCast started broadcasting, we have been aiming to bring you the very best of the European Folk Scene. Not only focussing on the new albums coming out on a regular basis, but no also diving into the history of our favourite music, putting the spotlight on some famous albums, or -as in this case- introducing an album that has been somewhat forgotten in the midst of time.
An Raicin Alainnis (2002) is the beautiful debut album of the Irish Singer Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaola. An album that is still easily available secondhand through eBay. It is an album I found on Spotify while working on my Fiona Fyfe review and one I fell in love with head over heels. A lovely album to end my time with CeltCast.
I loved writing about the music so dear to all our hearts. I loved working with all the musicians and want to thank every single one of them very much for their time and support. I also want to thank my fellow CeltCast’ers for the laughs, fun, and good times we had. Last but not least I want to thank my team. Diane, Gwen, Iris and Sara for their support, ideas, and editing skills. It was an honour to work with you.
Enough about me. As always it is all about the music. Please follow me in my discovery of this forgotten gem with a click on this link.