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With Imbue ‘s “Mirie It Is When Sumer Ilast” we took a moment to reflect on the harshness of winter, but with the weather now actually turning colder and the darkest days of the year rapidly approaching we would rather focus on the warmth of the coming winter festivals!

For November we chose Cara ‘s “Heroes” as our Monthly Marker. We first saw Cara live only two months ago at Festival Mediaval and they immediately took up residence in our hearts! This band, that formed way back in 2003, plays pure Celtic Folk, and does so with a passion! They have won several Irish Music Awards and the experience of this German/Scottish group is clear in everything they do, both live and on their albums.

“Heroes”, from their 15-year anniversary album “Live”, is an instrumental tracks that just makes you want to get up and dance. So come on everyone, put aside your Guinness, your mulled mead or your hot chocolate, and join us on the dance-floor and let’s ignore the cold together!


MONTHLY MARKER: Imbue – Mirie it is when sumer ilast

As we say goodbye and a heartfelt thank you to Paya Lehane for brightening up September with her beautiful song Memento we move into October, which is definately the beginning of the darker days of the year. So what could be more fitting than a song about the harshness of winter?

Mirie it is when sumer ilast is (one of) the oldest secular song(s) ever written in English (though we may have some difficulty reading it, used to a more modern version of the language as we are) and it is about the harshness of the darker part of the year as compared to summer.

This version was recorded as a single by our friends of Imbue and released only last week (though also performed during their Live in the Livingroom event with CeltCast), so we are very proud and happy to be able to feature it five to six times a day throughout the month, especially since the Monthly Marker of course already has quite a connection with Imbue. Ever since the first Monthly Marker, in January of 2015 (tempus fugit, anyone?) the song has been preceded by a very special jingle, written and recorded by none other than…Imbue! So in a way we have come full circle now.

Location: Middeleeuws Winschoten & Fantasy Festival (NL) – Day: 1 Band/Artist: Imbue

And the winner of our Imbue give away is….

Mary Anne Camp!

Congratulations! Please contact us via PM with your address so we can send you your CD as soon as possible!

Imbue give-away

Imbue Give Away

Last week we had the lovely folks of Imbue over in the CeltCast livingroom. During this live event we started a give away, where you can win a copy of their album In Quatuor Tempora. Originally this promotion was supposed to run for one week, but because of the overwhelming flow of interaction from Keltfest we decided to extend the promotion with another week. So now you have untill Thursday the 7th of June, 18:00 CET, to enter in the competition and have a chance to win this beautiful work of art!

All you have to do is go over to the original live stream at this link and comment under the video. Next Thursday, after closing the competition, we will randomly select a lucky winner! Good luck!


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