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CeltCast live: Imbue in the livingroom !

Join us this Thursday!

Join us this Thursday, May 24th for a ‘Live in the Livingroom’ session with Imbue !

Listen to the lovely music, enjoy the talks and participate live and you your own questions!

– picture by the infamous Kees Stravers


Calling in Spring: Imbue

Imbue gave their new CD (!) to CeltCast at Middeleeuws Winschoten & Fantasy Festival and this band has very strange friends… The Royal Spuds.

Imbue and The Royal Spuds


It’s the first of the month again, so that means it’s time for a new Monthly Marker! All through February we got to enjoy the beautiful sounds of Jacqueline Helisir, time to move on now! But since she is in Denmark right now, we thought we wouldn’t move very far 😉

We had a very hard time picking a song though, because there is just so much good music there. So we didn’t choose. 😀 All through March you will hear five to six times a day, right after the beautiful jingle by Imbue, first the amazingly festive Krølle Bølle-Polka by Trolska Polska, followed by the very dancable Vill Du Flyga by the Floating Sofa Quartet!


Did you know that aside from the fact that they’re both Danish bands there’s another connection between Trolska Polska and the Floating Sofa Quartet? Not one but two of the members of the latter also play in the former 😉


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