Mariëlle Honoured and still slightly baffled I was asked to write an introduction to “officially” become a member of the CeltCast family.

I think it’s been two years since I was introduced to Alex and Arjan. They told me about CeltCast with absolute love and passion.

It’s my belief that everybody should be able to learn about the beauty of music. Especially, music that is not played by regular radio channels. CeltCast ensures that bands making this music have a place to bring their work to the people. In a scene that is so small and non-commercial it is really important to have a platform like that.

Feeling the need to support this in any way possible, I offered the guys any help they needed. I had some time to spare, so why not volunteer for the greater good!

About a year later Arjan and Alex came up with the idea of starting a CeltCast community on Facebook and asked me to run it. Setting up the community and making it a place to spread the joy of our music and festivals is an honour for me. I hope that it will become a tight community where we celebrate our music and festivals.

Next to moderating the community, CeltCast is also giving me the opportunity to do what I love most, concert photography. To capture and preserve these beautiful memories of the concerts and to share them with our fans (and of course, the bands). From this summer season on, I’ll also be contributing by doing live-streams whenever or wherever the guys are not able too.

I’m a born and bred Achterhoeker (that’s a small part in the east of Holland). I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere. With both parents being teenagers in the 70’s, the music played at home varied from Glamrock to Soul and everything in between. My first concert was the Rolling Stones concert at the Kuip in Rotterdam (NL). I was a huge Kelly Family fan for many years before my rebellious streak got me into all sorts of Metal.

So you get it, I love a lot of music. These days, my mp3-player sports music from Folk to Metal, from Cesair to Rammstein.

Besides all that I’m a huge Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fan. I love watching football, especially the Spanish Liga (cute Spanish guys and all). I try to watch every F1 race there is and I am totally addicted to chocolate.

If you want to know more about me or just want a hug, feel free to come up to me whenever you see me!

With love, Mariëlle!!!