Fieke's Farewell
Cesair, of course, is well know for their ‘Epic Folk’ songs, many of which tell tales from the journey of the heroine their named the band after. But tomorrow evening, one of Cesair’s own heroines will end her journey with the band. After many musical adventures with her friends, Fieke van den Hurk will turn over a new leaf.

Please join us, in saying farewell to Fieke at this final concert together with the remaining band members tomorrow, the 18th March. This pivotal moment will be epic in and of itself, with additional acts of none other than Theodor Bastard and Jyoti Verhoeff & Maya Fridman We will happily meet you at Poppodium de Peppel in Zeist or, should you not be able to make it, online in one of our streams from the hall itself!

P.S.: Did you know that almost 2,5 years ago, we kicked off CeltCast with Cesair’s ‘Atiny Naya’ as our very first song? 🙂

Concert info at:
Theodor Bastard, Cesair, Jyoti Verhoeff & Maya Fridman