Good morning!
Well, actually while we are wishing you all a good morning for many of us it’s a very difficult morning. Castlefest 2017 has ended.
While we are all tired and sore from 4 days of greatness, we really would have enjoyed another month of this festival. Castlefest has something special. It is hard to describe to those who haven’t been there before but we hope that through our live streams and the constant live feed by Castlefest we shared a little bit of that special feeling.
Today some of us have to return to the harsh life of a day-job while others can take some time to recover and bask in a after-Castlefest bliss.
Thanks to our photographers Marielle and Kees , we have means to share with you the memories of RASTABAN , SeeD Pagan Folk , Emian PaganFolk , Kelten zonder Grenzen , Cesair , Ball Noir , Cuélebre and many more! Not to forget the beautiful people dancing to the tunes brought by these bands.
If you want to relive your memories as well, browse our page for the video’s of the live streams and enjoy!
See you all soon!