2020 Book of Tunes CD 1 In January, we received an email at CeltCast HQ from Volker Armbruster, the man behind Book of Tunes. He told us about the album he released in October 2020, which features Irish and Celtic Folk music with film music elements. After some conversation, a physical copy of the album ‘New Found Trails’ was delivered and… I instantly loved it! The tracks are all instrumental, and you can feel the ‘movies’ behind the tracks. Get ready to let yourself be enchanted by these special folk-inspired songs.

His website states >> Book of Tunes is a “one-man-band project” by Volker Armbruster. The eight-track album was created within a year. “New Found Trails” is not a traditional Irish folk album, but has been heavily inspired and influenced by Irish music. All songs were composed, recorded and produced in our own studio, the “noise factory” in Ludwigsburg. <<

I’m longing for the next album, and I’m sure you’ll share my opinion once you hear Volker play.

Musical greetings,
Ilona CeltCast

Photo of Volker: Reiner Pfisterer
You can find Book of Tunes on:
Their website 🌎