Do you remember that childhood feeling, when you would get your new toy? The excitement, the wonder, the sheer joy of knowing that this is the start of completely new adventures! Well, that’s how we at CeltCast feel every time we fall in love with the music of a band that we had not previously heard. And because of that, next weekend we will probably feel like the proverbial kid in a candystore, as Festival-Mediaval features many, many bands that we have not yet heard perform before!

Various medieval periods brought into the 21st century by SKRÖMTA . The Eastern sounds transported to Germany by ORO – Music from the wild, wild East . A nice dram of jigs and reels by The Aberlours . The moving music of the minstrels of Viscum . And so, so much more!

Will you be joining us on our tour of discovery this weekend? We can promise you adventure and exciting times!

Festival Mediaval flag