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This time it’s our own Cliff writing the intro: “This review of Gwendolyn Snowdon ‘s first solo album, ‘ Three Strand Braid ‘, has become quite special for me. That’s why, for once, I write this introduction to it myself.

When I started writing these reviews, or introductions as I prefer to call them, I decided I didn’t want to do it the traditional way with points and a ‘judgement’ on how good they are. It felt wrong to do so. Instead I wanted to share the music I love, tell about it and help introduce new music to a bigger audience. Gwendolyn is the first artist to specifically requested me to write the introduction to her new album. A real honour, but it also made me a bit nervous. What if I wouldn’t like it? I needn’t have worried. I love it!!

‘Three Strand Braid’ is a wonderful Celtic Folk album, sang beautifully and with a lot of interesting musical twists to tell about. And while writing the review, Gwendolyn turned out to be a really kind person who is way to modest about her talents.

So read all about Gwendolyn’s wonderful album in the introduction. Or better yet, buy it straight away and enjoy it yourself. Trust me, you won’t regret it! 🙂 ”

P.S.: You have a chance to see Gwendolyn perform live at the medieval market accompanying Harmony Glen’s album release-party this Friday the 6th of April in theatre ‘De Muze’ in Noordwijk (NL).

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Gwendolyn's cover