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Trobar de Morte – The Book of shadows (2020)

Recently, we received the new album of Trobar de Morte, the Medieval, Folk and Fantasy band from Barcelona, Spain. The Book Of Shadows came in a beautiful package, a real present! The artwork of the album is as always stunning! It contains a booklet with 10 pages full of photos, drawings, and lyrics.
Most of the songs are composed by Lady Morte herself. A couple of songs are by Daimoniel B. Eldar. The song Helvegen is a cover of the original song by Einar Selvik (Wardruna). The artwork is made by ArtDrómeda Photography and Duncan Triskel.
Last Sunday, you might have heard the first song of this album play on our radio stream. You can find the whole album already on our Spotify CeltCast Radio – Official list.
My favourite song of this album is Witches! I love the diversity of sounds in that tune! It makes me think of the songs of EMIAN. So enjoy this new Trobar de Morte album as we do!

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

The Daily Disc
The Carrots – Driftwood (2020)

A couple of years ago, we met the band Half a Mile on the Dutch festival Keltfest. That was the only time I got to see them perform because the band decided to stop their activities…, but…, on the 5th of December CeltCast HQ received a present in the physical mailbox! The timing was perfect because in Holland this is ‘Sinterklaas dag’ (Saint Nicholas day). On that day children give a carrot to the horse of ‘Sinterklaas’ and hope the old man will, in return, give them some nice presents! Well, we received The Carrots that day and that was a fantastic surprise!
This album contains five beautiful acoustic folk-rock songs and comes with a booklet with the lyrics. Their music is a mix of folk-, world music, and Americana. The theme of the album is very fitting in these turbulent times: going with the flow, struggling with the period we’re in and accepting changes.
My favourite songs on this album are Everything Flows and Train of Thought. I can listen to that one over and over again…, and well…, actually the whole album is sending the right vibes. So, go to their page and welcome this new band in our scene!

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

The Daily Disc
SeeD – Zonnewende (2020)

Last night, SeeD had a Winter Solstice video release! They launched another song ánd video of their upcoming album. And…, this song is breathtaking! The video makes the picture complete. If you haven’t seen it already, go to YouTube and let these sounds and images come to you. Below the YouTube video (and on Bandcamp ) you can read the translation of the song!
SeeD says: Zonnewende (Solstice) marks the longest night, after which the light will return. The lyrics are a druidic solstice ritual translated from Welsh into Irish.
The song is already in our Spotify CeltCast Radio – Official list and soon we’ll play it on our radio station as well.

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

The Daily Disc – Solas – Reunion: A Decade of Solas (2006)

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Okay, this is an older live album but definitely one that should be on your shelf! Solas is an Irish/American Folk band which has been playing since 1996. This band doesn’t need our help promoting it, but... we wanted to share their music with you, our listeners. 🎶

The reunion album consists of a CD and a DVD. 💿📀 They made it for their 10th anniversary. It was recorded during a concert in Philadelphia. What was so very special about this session, was that it featured performances of all band members, of both the current line-up and previous ones! You can feel that magic listening to the CD or watching the DVD. It’s amazing... 😍

This album is so beautiful, it gives me tears and goosebumps because of that. My favourite songs are Crested Hens, Black Annis (I love that wavy violin) and Fleur de Lis. ⚜️

You can find Solas on:
Facebook: @solasmusic
Instagram: @solasmusic
Youtube: solasmusic
🌎 Website: http://www.solasmusic.com/

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast 🎻

The Daily Disc – Ren Vas Terul – EP (2019)

This guy named Ren from Poland is a very diverse artist! On his YouTube channel, you’ll see that immediately. There are music videos, but also videos about building instruments, “how to play”-tutorials, fireshows, handcraft, etcetera. It’s worth to visit and follow his page!

We are playing three songs of Ren on our radiostation. It’s difficult to put his songs in a category… I don’t even think I can. You’ll hear elements of Pagan Folk, Nordic folk, sounds of the Middle East and other types of Folk music.

My favourite song is “Szczur” because it’s a surprising song, almost a little movie! It’s about an ancient rat… You can find the lyrics below the video on YT, Ren – Szczur:

We’re curious what Ren is going to bring us in the near future!

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast


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