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Celtic Night Geluwe – Prima Nocta

Celtic Night Geluwe in a few weeks!

Celtic Night Geluwe

We are slowly recovering from our post- Castlefest crash, but what really helps is knowing that we will meet so many of our folky friends again in a few weeks time at the Celtic Night Geluwe festival!

With an incredible line up, featuring PerKelt , Cuélebre , The Midnight , Selfish Murphy , IN VINO VERITAS , Emian PaganFolk , Prima Nocta , Acus Vacuum and Omnia , we are very certain that this will be another memorable event! Unfortunately it will have to be, as this will be the last Celtic Night Geluwe. So do yourself a favour and come join us for a dance, a hug and a drink in Belgium! 😀

Winner of the collection of three Prima Nocta albums!

Whether it was the heat or work or the birthday party we had yesterday, it seems something slipped our minds. Yes, that’s right, we had a competition going, and it closed yesterday, but we didn’t get around to announcing the winner! ?
As we said, the prize of the competition would go to the person who’s picture comment got the most likes, and there was a very clear winner:
Congratulations Catherine Lenoir! 😀
You won the collection of three Prima Nocta albums by gathering 35 likes on your picture!

The picture of the winner


Here it is!
We are giving away something very, very nice:
the complete (available) discography of our friends of Prima Nocta !

That means three(!) whole albums, including their brand new album ‘Lost In Time’, which they released at Keltfest only two weeks ago! They released it there, because both Prima Nocta and Keltfest both celebrated their 10th anniversary this year. Now, to keep that rolling we chose to not only start this give away on the 10th, but also let it run for 10 days! So you have untill the 20th of June!

But, because this is such a nice prize we will be asking for your attention a bit 🙂
Please listen closely to what Alex explains in this video, and then head over to the appropriate post to share and comment!

Good luck!!!


After a steaming hot Keltfest you thought we would let you cool down for a moment? Hah, wrong! ? We will be keeping that festival energy at a very high level with our new Monthly Marker, Prima Nocta ‘s ‘Baudica’, taken from their brand new album ‘Lost in Time’, which they released at Keltfest!

All through June we will play this amazing power song five to six times a day to keep you all on your feet and dancing! The summer has only just begun!

Oh, what’s that? You like the power of this group? You would like to own some of their music? Well, we don’t want to say too much just yet, but keep an eye out on our Facebook page, something is stirring…

Prima Nocta


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