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Monthly Marker August 2017: Harmony Glen

The calendar is ticking and…no wait…calendars don’t tick…hm, anyway, it is obviously the first day of the month again, which means that we get to announce another awesome Monthly Marker!

Starting today, and all through August, we will play Harmony Glen’s song called “Zaphod Beeblebrox” from their newest, recently released album “Start Living Today” five to six times a day, to help you all get (or stay) in that fantastically happy festival party mood! It is virtually impossible to stay still while listening to this song, so feel free to jump up and start dancing! And if you want, comment under this post with a video of you dancing, spread the joy! 😀

Want to win some honour points? Who here knows, without using Google or other search engines, where the name of the track comes from? Comment a hint without giving away the actual answer 😉

Harmony Glen

Pic by Marielle Groot Obbink @Zomerfolk

You can find Harmony Glen here:

INTRODUCING: Marielle Groot Obbink!

You have most likely seen her name appear on this page several times before, but in a relatively short time she has grown to be such a valued part of the CeltCast team that we really had to give her a proper introduction!

For quite some time Mariëlle has been steadily climbing the ranks of well known photographers in the Dutch folk scene, and she is certainly recognised as being part of the top now! You can imagine how stoked we at CeltCast were when she came to us and said she wanted to become part of the family.

We had just been talking about starting a Facebook group, CeltCast Community, so the natural thing was to ask her to become admin for that group. And boy did she take us up on that offer! From day one she started managing it like a professional, and it certainly wouldn’t be what it is today without her input.

But she didn’t stop there. Her pictures have livened up our Facebook page, and having her on our team also gave us an extra “live streamer”, allowing us to give you even more music than before through our Facebook page! Just look at all the wonderful streams she gave us this past weekend from Fantasia Fest Leeft !

Want to know more? Go check out her bio at https://celtcast.com/marielle and of course feel free to leave her a message here in the comments!

The Tannahill Weavers at Zomerfolk- Photo Album

Now that July has started we are well into the summer festival season. We have many festivals looking forward too but we are also still remembering the fantastic music we already have experienced.

One of these special moments was when the Tannahill Weavers took over the stage at Zomerfolk last week in Groningen.
This band will have its 50th anniversary next year!!! So you will understand that it was very special to have them on stage performing tunes and songs that we all know and love when they are being covered by other bands. Including giving you all the livestream to enjoy!!

With these pictures we are hoping to ensure that this memory will never be lost.

All Pictures are shot by Marielle Groot Obbink .
You can find the pictures here.

With love,
Team CeltCast team.

Pictures of Rebels of the Sacred Heart by Marielle Groot Obbink

Next to the live streams we also have a photographer present at Rapalje ‘s Zomerfolk to bring you all some snapshots of all the amazing artists on stage.
These pictures are all shot by Marielle Groot Obbink

Rebels of the Sacred Heart
Rebels of the Sacred Heart

Marielle Groot Obbink at work!

Marielle Groot Obbink at work


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