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Review The SIDH is online!

When I first saw The SIDH at Keltfest my brain went to words like “party”, “folky fusion” and of course “oh wow!” But now Cliff has done a review of their latest album “Another Way To Fly” and he has added some of his own in-depth vocabulary to it, with words such as “kicks you in the butt”, “layer upon layer” and “well composed, full-on Irish folk tunes”.

The Sidh plays a style of music that is CeltCast in feel, though we can all agree that as a whole it takes us out of our comfort zone a bit 😉 Having always been a rocker and never an enthusiast of electronic music, this is even more so the case with Cliff, now writing a review about a CD he liked, but in a music style he knew nothing about. But Cliff being Cliff he dove in headfirst, doing some very deep historical research into the origins of Dub Step and the background of the Sidh’s musical styles. We can just imagine him sitting hunched over his computer looking up weird and wonderful classics, and judging from the review, slowly falling for a whole other musical style!

The research he did for this review is clearly visible throughout, the investment of time and effort has paid off, and the music has definately gotten to him. In what we can now describe as True Cliff Style this review will draw you in, it will open up a whole new side to the album and the band, and we’re certain you’ll enjoy reading it almost as much as you’ll enjoy dancing to the tunes of the Sidh!

Wait no more and go check out the whole review here .

This band, surely deserves a place in the spotlight

This band, surely one of the discoveries of 2018 deserves a place in the spotlight. As the CeltCast team, we were all very impressed when we saw and heard them for the first time live at Keltfest this year. The SIDH , a young and innovative band from Italy, makes a type of music rarely heard at the festivals in Holland. It is a combination of contemporary and electronic Celtic music, made with whistles and bagpipes, keyboards and percussion, Hip Hop and Dubstep beats. It feels like you are taking a trip into the Folk music of the 22nd century.

And we can safely say that we want to hear much, much more of this music at the festivals.

At Keltfest, The SIDH, created a party like no other and naturally, we cannot wait until they will hit the stage three times at Castlefest ! On Friday, Saturday (camping only) and Sunday the party will be at the Fested Castle!

Pics by Kees Stravers and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography


Things are stirring in the North of the Netherlands…

Who would expect a whole different world in a park that’s hugging the city of Groningen? Well, we do! 😀

We are looking forward to the 6th edition of Rapalje Zomerfolk , organised of course by our friends of Rapalje , in their hometown. Good music, good beers, good friends, a world away from daily life, and a world as all of life should be!

Come join us next weekend, the 9th and 10th of June, in Stadspark Groningen ! Coming down from Keltfest while at the same time gearing up for Zomerfolk… the life of the radio people can sometime be pretty awesome. 😀

The gates to zomerfolk

It was an amazing keltfest!

As the team is recovering from an amazing Keltfest , our photographers are working (feet up and in the shade) to share with you snap shots of those beautiful memories that will stay with us forever.

Over the next few days we will share with you some of the pictures our team took in this album. Feel free to tag, share and react. We love to hear your thoughts.

If you want to see the real action, go to our livestream video’s! Enjoy and feel free to share our many other videos at this link . 🙂 (YouTube)

Plus, tune in to our volunteer-run radio station CeltCast, playing Celtic, Folk, Pagan and Viking music 24/7, ad-free: http://bit.ly/CeltCast

The end of keltfest

And thus ends a magical edition of Keltfest , where we discovered new bands, new friends and a new terrain to party ’till we drop. Vana once again exceeded our expectations and has us looking forward to Castlefest , summer edition! But first, we’ll get to enjoy Zomerfolk in a fortnight!! 😀 Thanks to everyone who made these days happen! Keep on folkin’ in the free world! ?

packed bags


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