Cover: Irfan-The Eternal Return


And as with every new month that means it’s time for another new Monthly Marker. We have certainly enjoyed VIRELAI’s Syv Kaerester but now it’s time to head to another part of the world for some entirely different music.

All through September we will be enjoying the wonderful Bulgarian sounds of Irfan with the track “The Cave of Swimmers”, taken from their brand new album The Eternal Return! This song will be played five to six times a day for the entire month, just because we really love it and we think you will too!

We actually had the pleasure of meeting Kalin Yordanov at Castlefest right after Irfan’s guest performance with Cesair and it turns out he is as much a fan of CeltCast as we are of Irfan, so we are very happy to be able to share this amazing music!


You can find Irfan here: