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We cannot state how happy we are!

We cannot state how happy we are with the many different bands and styles of music that will be on stage at Autumn Moon Festival 2019

While there are many “harder” styles of music, we will also hear some of the beautiful tunes by EmBRUN !!

After seeing them at Elfia we look forward meeting up with them again.



Pics by Andre Willemse

Our picture report of Middeleeuws Winschoten.

It will be no secret that Castlefest is an international festival.

Not only do the visitors come from all over the world to enjoy these 4 days of fantasy heaven, also the bands come from the far corners of Europe.

Noticeable is a small group of bands from the Iberian Peninsula, two of which are new to Castlefest: Drusuna- Ritual Pagan Folk from Porto, Vael from Madrid and Trobar de Morte from Barcelona (previously at Castlefest in 2015). Not all are well-known bands in these regions but they will bring you a beautiful mix of pagan folk tunes.

Even if you don’t know these bands or are unfamiliar with Pagan Folk, these musicians from the south are worth checking out. We even accept another Iberian invasion in this country, and actually they are allowed to stay for 80 years if they continue making awesome music ?

Check out the Castlefest website for the details on their shows.
(Pic of Drusuna’s Sephirus Oakborn – by Andre Willemse )

Sephirus Oakborn

Only seven days until Castlefest 2019!

Have you decided what music to dance to yet?

We have some suggestions here at CeltCast! Varend Volk for example;

it’s what happens when you combine the best of two already awesome bands from the Netherlands. It’s a virus that takes over your free will in not partying!
The combo of Pyrolysis , energetic folk from the south of the Netherlands, and Plunder , pirate party folk from the north, promise us a whirlwind of passionate folk music!

Meadow stage, Friday August 2nd, 18:00.

pics by Andre Willemse and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography


It wouldn’t really be Zomerfolk without Flannery playing there, right?!

The whole Zomerfolk weekend you will get the chance to party with the men of Flannery! They play twice on Saturday in the Pub and on Sunday they get to throw a different kind of folk rock party on the MainStage at 16.00h!

So if you are up for fun, folk rock and a wild party, be there and party on until you drop!

Pics taken at Keltfest by Andre Willemse


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